Friday, July 2, 2010

Purple Sage Dinner!!!

I was invited for dinner with the guys from Purple Sage!!!

For the clueless (like me), Purple Sage is not just another caterer, it is also the winner for "Outstanding Caterer of the Year" for the 2nd consecutive year!!!! The Outstanding Caterer of the Year awarded at the World Gourmet Summit Awards of Excellence, recognizes the catering team with the most creative and impressive banquet set-up. They were up against other nominated establishments from hotels, restaurants and other event catering companies!!!And they won! For 2 years running!!!! Cool or what?? If you've read my ST Urban feature with QT today, you'd know I look up to people at the top of their game, and Purple Sage ranks exactly there. *loves*

Before I go into what I ate and everything else, I'd like you to meet Tony Seow!!!! He's the boss of Purple Sage, and I have to say, this is a man who goes beyond convention. And I ABSOLUTELY love his staff welfare. He's someone who will, in the middle of a work day, suddenly gather his staff and bring them out for lunches and even (hold your breath girls) MANICURES!!!!! Wah this is a papa-san I don't mind having~ Really, if you treat your staff well, they work better and happier for you. I've always believed that, and he is a role model. =)

Oh oh!!!! I think he resembles this great fengshui master I know!!! 慧戒师傅!That's the guy you've seen in the past 2 years' Mediacorp CNY Special! He writes for U-weekly as well!
Here's a picture of 慧师傅
Tony, it's a good thing~ ;) This master's really great at what he does!

What really drew me to the event was this:

They did up an invite. With my name and blog URL. I thought the fact that they actually did up an invite, albeit simple, but it's small little touches like this that make or break a deal, isn't it? For me, it made it.

Look at that~ That's our dinner set up, complete with flowers! 
Purple Sage has her own in-house florist!!! It's Azalea. I think that's a very clever idea, having your own florist to complement your catering set-up. Flowers always give a nice touch. 

There's Tony telling us about how this whole blogger event was done ENTIRELY by his interns! I'm impressed!!!

I know my camera sucks, especially in low light. It irks me too, not that I can do anything except wait until I can get a new camera.

The menu for the night. I was told this menu served to us would set one back about $90/pax!!! Whoa!!~~ 
Okay before you start drifting off and saying "Aiyah this one expensive one la~ Not for 贫民百姓 like us", I want to stress that they DO customize the menu according to your demands and budget. And if you really want something simple, they have a more economic subsidiary, known as
Simply Buffet. I can't find the link to Simply Buffet, but keep coming back in case I find it and put it up yeah?

Each seat comes with its own menu and seat allocation name card!

As well as a pack of mint sweets!! Attention to detail, I like~~~~~

Other details which made me smile in approval -
Crockery with their logo.

You can't see this clearly, but this is a sugar satchet!!! And printed on the back are ANT prints!!!!
糖生蚂蚁!!! Kawaii neh!!!!!!

This was the first dish served to us. The bread, i gotta tell you, has got to be the BEST bread I've ever eaten. Even better than the ones I used to "kop" from SQ business class. Toasted to perfection on the outside, and soft and fluffy and tastes heavenly on the inside... It's mmmmmmmmMMMmmmM~~~~~~~~~~~~ to the max~

Absolutely ecstatic over the bread~

The starter - smoked salmon. They smoke the salmon ON-THE-SPOT leh!!!! So the smoke was damn fresh la!!! *can't stop raving*

The salmon...*melts*

Cappuccino Mushroom Soup
I vaguely remembered drinking something like this at Bakerzin. Theirs was known as Bak Gua Mushroom Soup or something, and it was also foamy at the top, if I remember correctly. This one has loads more foam, just like Cappuccino!!! I'm a great fan of mushroom and mushroom soups, and this one scores high on my list!

Had I been served this at home, I would have licked it clean. But I wasn't at home right, and there were many people watching, so I merely finished the soup *grumbles*

The Barramundi. This reminds me of the days when I was flying. I first saw this word in the business class menu and I was wondering how to heck to answer should passengers ask me what fish barramundi is.
It's basically a type of seabass. Good stuff.

On the other side is the chicken!

Lime Sorbet. This clears our tongue of the white meat taste, to prepare us for the meat dish that will come later.

The Short Rib! Once again, pardon my camera. Flash, and you get this. No flash, and it's a patch of black stuff on a plate.
This is such a luxurious menu, I'm running out of great food adjectives *panic*

Other than Tony, I met a lot of great people like his interns and other invited bloggers~ Everyone was warm and nice and friendly, which helped made the event a successful one~ I think who you invite to your event/party very important leh. It can make or break your event you know?

All of us.

Okay I'm gonna like end abruptly cos I've to rush to go for Qiu's birthday party!!!!! And I'm nowhere near ready!!! HELP!!!!
See ya!!!


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