Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lazy and Inconsiderate

Wah lao....went into the lift yesterday night and I saw this...

 I remember thinking "WAH HDB so nice plant things in lifts!!!" before realizing that the plant's half dead and some of the leaves were black and withered. 

Some idiot had obviously decidedly they didn't want it anymore and that they should bring it downstairs to throw it, then they made the effort to carry this pot of half-dead plant into the lift, and suddenly, laziness got to the better of them and they decided they cannot even make that extra effort to move it out of the lift. So they just left it there.

Or even better, maybe the idiot thought they could just move the pot into the lift and press "1", then when the plant reached its ex-owner-intended destination, the plant will roll itself out onto the lift lobby for the Bangla cleaner/floor-sweeper to throw away.

Hello? Wake up your idea~~~ And we should never take the workers/cleaners for granted. Just because they will sweep the floor doesn't mean you should open your letterbox and sweep all the property-agent pamphlets onto the floor lor~ *tsk tsk tsk*

I know I sound like some really boliao STomp-er who whole day got nothing to do, go around taking pictures and writing in to STomp. Except that I write on my own blog. And I AM entitled to rant on MY OWN BLOG, so go away, SHOO, if you're going to say things like "If you're not happy then take the initiative to move the plant out la" that kinda rubbish.

ANYWAY, this reminds me of this Singaporean family I served when I was flying with SQ. KNS the family of four made a mess around their seats, throwing newspapers and blankets all over the floor. The little boy wanted to pick up the mess, but the father stopped him and guess what he said....


(No he didn't say KNN, I said it, in my head...I vaguely remember using the Serving Tray to smack him on the head too, also in my head....)

"Boy, dirty la, don't pick up. The stewardess auntie will clean up for us."


 Which of these stewardesses (they are my lovely batch girls, by the way) look like auntie to you????

Excuse me, UNCLE, next time, bring your maid with you. And I'm at least 10 years younger than you, Auntie your head~ This is the exact same family who, upon boarding with their hand-carry luggages, leave the luggages on the floor, then proceed to settle down in their seats, expecting the girls in kebaya to put them up into the overhead compartment for them. Mind you, the father was at least 10cm taller and bigger sized than me (or any of the girls working on that aisle).


For the ignorant, putting lugagges up for passengers is not part of an air crew's job. We can help if we see a lady with baby / old woman / short passenger struggling to put their stuff up, but when we DO help, it's out of goodwill, NOT part of our duty. And you know why? Because if we fucking strain, or worse, INJURE our backs, the company will not back us up. They may even accuse us of not taking care of ourselves properly, and that they didn't ask us to help the passengers put up their heavy bags. The company will seem to care (short term), but in the long run when they realize we have a lot of MCs for back-related injuries, our contract is at a high risk of not being extended, meaning at the end of the 5-year contract, we risk losing our job. Because of some idiotic big-sized lazy/act-frail pig. Or maybe they're just obnoxious, or too used to being served.

That said, even if they have a maid, trivial things which they can do on their own, they should do on their own. The maids are called domestic HELPERS, meaning they help when you cannot cope. That's why you engaged them in the first place, no? To help you, not take over your duties entirely. Who knows maybe some employers ask their maids to bathe them or wash their feet for them when they get home...

*tsk tsk tsk*

Anyway, my point is, just don't be lazy la. Or inconsiderate. Usually lazy people are inconsiderate, it's somehow linked, you know? If you're lazy to do stuff you incovenience someone else to get it done for you, like wash the bloody dishes when you're done with your food. If you're rushing for time and had to head out, then come back later at night, and wash them. But you're obviously lazy and waiting for someone else to do it for you when the same dishes and cutlery is being left in the sink for at least 2 days. So lazy people are inconsiderate. Period. Same goes for the guys who left the plant in the lift.

Be nicer to everyone, and you will become less lazy. Honest!

 With 3 of the nicest girls I've met in the airline. ^.^ LOVES!


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