Friday, July 2, 2010

Thank you, again.

You know, the thing about doing what you love, is that you enjoy doing it. You will put effort into doing it, and take pride in your achievements. I love writing. I've always loved it, even as a little fat girl in school pinafore and ponytail. Same as my love for performing which also started in primary school when one doesn't think too much about fame and monetary gains and what-nots. Simply passion.

I never really acknowledged my love for writing all these years out of JC (that's when we really stop writing fiction and stories, no? I remember my last submitted work was a GP assignment I scored quite well for), until I started blogging. And my, the joys blogging have brought me! I lose myself in ranting, in telling you my stories, in sharing my thoughts, in baring my soul.

Then what have I gained from doing what I love? Readership. You guys. People who got to know me from my writing and who like reading what I write. It kinda reinforces my passion and gives me drive. It's also the same with my performance as an artiste. If someone likes how I portray my characters, how I deliver the personas, it gives me the 推动力 to keep wanting to do, to keep doing, to do better. So for all my supporters, thank you. =D

For all the invites that I have been erm, invited, I also thank you guys, for believing that using my blog as a social media marketing tool, it can benefit your company and your products. I have been invited to so many events and products/services reviews that I'm having quite a handful of posts to put up this week. I'm not complaining though. =) Just give me some time to do a nice proper write-up/ad/review for you alright? At times like this, I sometimes wish I'm a full-time blogger so I can have all the time in the world to keep blogging daily, but then again, I'm a full-time artiste cum blogger, so I'm happy as well. And grateful.

你们一定是在想Silver今天是做什么,突然那么感性~ 喂我本来就是很感性的okay~
I believe in not taking things for granted (though sometimes, even I am guilty of commiting that heinous crime), so when I can, or get the chance to, I like to show that I appreciate everything. Like buying my Mum a present which I hope she would like instead of otherwise. Like letting Alton sleep with me on the bed even though he stinks. Like thanking you guys for coming back again and again. And telling your friends to come, and their friends, and their friends' friends. Like appearing at Qiuting's party even when it has ended, just because I've promised her I'd go, and because I view her as one of my best friends.

Okay, before I forget, Qiu! I know I came late and I promised to dress up in uniform, so this is for you!!! And because of Qiu, you guys are in for an eye feast~ And I put myself on the line should I get sued. *prays*


Silver in her old pretty Singapore Girl uniform!!!

When I arrived at her party today, I was in SQ head, but in raincoat and rainpants. So she only managed a slight peek at the uniform inside. (Eh I was riding and it was raining okay, plus if I wear the raincoat I don't have to bring extra clothing to ride in~ Just wear uniform INSIDE~ smart right?)

I was there in SQ full makeup hor, just minus the red lipstick,which I had brought if Bakerzin hadn't chased everyone out and her party had to end at 9:30pm (which party ends at 9:30pm? You tell me la~). Red lipstick makes a difference to the whole look okay. See - 


And trust me, the blue isn't what some of them make it to be. I find the blue eyeshadow, if you know the techniques of blending and choosing the right shades, very flattering.

As ANY makeup artist would tell you, never use 1 shade of eyeshadow. Use 2-3 shades, and BLEND~~~~

Blue eyeshadow need not be wayang~ 很美hor!
My brows nice not? I went for embroidery. Yes, you guessed it, invited for. Will put up the post soon!

Okay enough side-tracking. I just want to let you know I know you guys are there for me, even my friends whom I've not met in years. Keeping abreast of my every latest happening. Comforting me when I'm down, giving me encouragement when I'm lost, laughing with me, laughing at my stupid antics. Being there, essentially. Sgblogawards voting is over. I understand winning or not doesn't equate to being the best. Heck, I've an Omy account and even I don't vote for myself everyday. Yes I do vote for myself. Nothing wrong with giving yourself a bit of encouragement, and believing in yourself ma~ ^.^

Once again, I know I'm damn lor sor - 
Thank you for loving me~


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