Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ad: LoveStationeryLand♥

I remember the days when I damn siao stationery. Especially notebooks and stickers. And anything that can be used to organize my messy table, schoolbag, schedule, room...yada yada, you get the picture. So I was quite pleased when I was told I could have something from this site~~~

Some of the stuff I love from LSL:

Helloday Sticker

I like the fact that it's got a transparent base, meaning there are no white borders like the usual stickers. I used to have this sticker book which I collect stickers in, these days I use stickers for my planner. So my planner doesn't look so b.o.r.i.n.g... ;)

Travel stickers!!! Why didn't you appear when I was still flying??????

Man...I would have loved this~ Nvm...maybe when I start doing travellogues I'll get this.
Wanna see me doing travellogues? *make a wish*

I was given the Everything Today Pony Brown stickers. Check them out, and the other stickers, here~

Pura Planners! I thought the KITCHEN one is cute. =)

For some reason, the planners come with Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs columns. Meaning there are no Friday and Weekend columns! Nope it's not a manufacturing defect. Think they don't want you to schedule work on fridays and weekends. =D
Either that or finish all your work by Thursday so you can let your hair down for the next 3 days!!! Woohoo!!!

Considering my room is in a mess more than my schedule, I decided to get the Clean-Up Box! Cute and compartmentalised for all my miscellaneous things which I use often enough so I don't keep them away and they end up sitting around on my table. Now they have a pretty home~ ;)

Here's how to assemble the box

Fold this up like this.

Put the brown base in.

Fold the 2 ends of the cartooned card up like this.

There will be 2 pieces of this. 

Fold them in half.

Slot the triangle pieces and the cartooned piece together. It should look like this.

And the skeleton is done!

Slot the skeleton into the box.

Aiyoh so nice. *proud of myself*

I haven't decided how to use this. Put nail polish? Tape? Pens? Perfume? Sunblock? I don't want to taint your impression of how to use this box by putting things in. You decide how you want to use yours k? I'm off to arranging my desk! Have fun shopping at LSL!! Bye!

Pretty Baby,

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