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Review: Musee Platinum Tokyo

I got invited to try the IPL service at Musee Platinum Tokyo!

They specialize in hair removal. Somehow recently all my invites and stuff have been hair-related. If it's not waxing it's eyebrows, if not it's the head hair, now IPL hair removal. Lol~ Nothing~ Just trivial banter~

For those of you who don't already know, IPL - Intense Pulsed Light. Girls who have gone through this treatment will tell you that their hair grew out very fine, similar to that of baby hair, or have become completely hairless. Meaning no more growth at all. Ain't that convenient?

I went to the outlet at Parco Millenia Walk. I like the fact that the whole place looks very professional and clean. No dirty towels lying around, no weird fingerprint marks on the wall, no dirty shoe-prints either. Just clean and white.

This is the entrance / reception area. 

The waiting area

Upon attending to you, the consultant will hand you a survey form. This is to understand your needs and skin/health condition before they can recommend/perform any services on you. The survey is about 4-pages long! That's how concerned and detailed they are. ;)

Taking it very seriously.

The consultant then proceeded to ask me questions to find out more, based on my answers. She was really friendly and nice, and addressed all concerns professionally. So thumbs up for customer-service!
By the way, consultation is free~~~

One thing I really like about them, is that they do not practise hard-selling. I've been to numerous salons / beauty parlours for their trial or one-time offer sessions and have the consultant sit me in the consultation room for at least an hour trying to make me sign for a full package costing from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. If you refuse then they will try to make you buy this cream, that lotion, this whatever. Musee Platinum is proud to say that they do not practise that. They don't sell products either. Woohoo!!! 
Your wallet and credit card are safe!

Another plus?
They have no hidden costs!!!
Musee Platinum Tokyo only charges customers for the hair removal treatment. That means no admission fee, annual membership fee, or any additional fees for cosmetics and aftercare products. Their hair removal treatment fees are clearly indicated and you only pay for what you see on their fee chart. The fees do not change according to your hair quality or volume. So they cannot tell you "Ah! You're very hairy! So will be a bit more expensive lor!"

Of course, if you have thick and coarse armpit hair which requires you to shave, wax or epilate every other day, then you will definitely need more sessions than someone who has very fine armpit hair. The charges are the same, but understand that everyone's hair grows differently.

Wait wait wait!!! If that's not safe enough for your wallet then read on -

The treatment fees, if you are unsatisfied or change your mind about the treatment, are fully refundable.
They do not sell individual sessions, so it's all by packages. However, if, after 1 or 2 sessions, you don't see results or are not satisfied, they will refund the remainder of the unused package. Reasonable right? So you just pay for whatever you have used.

Trust me, no salon I know of have all of the above 3 attributes. So they are not here to rob you.
And in case you're still worried because so many spas and salons have 关门大吉-ed the past few months, fret not, because Musee Platinum Tokyo is so big, they have

AND!!! Customer satisfaction, according to well-known Japanese company Oricon, has been tops for 2 years now! For a Japanese company to come out tops, shows how customer-service-oriented they are, since we all know customer service in Japan is generally very good already.

They brought me to the treatment room and I got changed into a tube-robe. Though the girl had told me it would be painless, or I would feel only very little discomfort, she did however, mention that there will be a slight rubber-band flick kinda sensation if I intend to go for normal intensity. I've tried IPL on my face before, so I know how that feels like. I had asked for the strongest intensity of IPL to be used, since my pain threshold is really high. For first-timers, maybe you can try the low intensity IPL first, and if you feel alright, just ask the lady attending to you to make it higher. Easy-peazy~

Guess what?
I lay down on the bed, had my eyes covered (this is to protect the eyes from the light), held both my arms above my head, and....

I dozed off.
That was how painless it was. AND I USED THE HIGHEST INTENSITY LEH!!!!!!
Mayba it was because I was really tired as well, but hey, still, I thought it was painless. Totally.

They applied a type of gel onto my pits before doing the IPL. This is done to make sure that the skin is protected and kept hydrated. IPL itself is a drying process, and because of the heat, it may cause a bit of damage to your skin. MPT has taken that into consideration, and has specially formulated a gel for the IPL process so as to ensure that the skin surface structure is not damaged. Then after treatment, a moisturizing essence was applied to smooth the skin.

They recommend treatment once every 2 months, and after treatment, you can expect the hair to fall out in about 2 weeks. If you need to remove the hair within these 2 weeks, shave. Do not wax or epilate as doing so will cause the hair follicle to open up. IPL helps to make the follicles smaller, so if you expand it again, it defeats the purpose. Furthermore, I learnt that waxing, plucking, or epilating causes the armpits to become unsightly and bumpy, even darkening in colour. Ingrown hair is also a possibility.

I wasn't expecting much as the lady told me I might not be able to see results so soon as my pit hair grows quite quickly. (I needed to epilate once every 3 days, while she told me hers was once a week!!! Walao lucky girl!!!)

Okay this part might gross some of you out so don't highlight the next line and don't read if you're worried okay? For those who wants to know the results, mouse your cursor over the next line and highlight. ;)

 I checked my pits yesterday, and I used my fingers to try to pull off a strand of hair. It. Just. Came. Off. Like that!!!! Eh those who are grossed out, who asked you to ka ceng jngiew go and highlight????

I knew you will do it. Muahahahaha~~~~

I know I had the price list here, but because the guys from Musee doesn't want their competitors to know exactly how competitive their prices are, they've requested that I remove the list. SORRY!
Anyway, just enquire, the girls will let you know the price. Remember there's no hardselling so you don't have to worry that they will katok you if you just go for their consultation/counselling.

They charge according to whether it's a Large area or a Small area. If, let's say, you choose a 6 session package for your stomach, but after 4 sessions, you realize your stomach has already become very hairless. What do you do with the remaining 2 sessions? You can opt to do either 2 sessions of Large elsewhere parts, or 4 sessions of Small parts. Mix them anyway you like, just remember that 1L session = 2S sessions.

They're having a promotion, so supposing you sign up for that 6 session stomach deal, you get to choose either Privilege 1: Free unlimited sessions for UnderArms, or Privilege 2: 1 free L parts or 2 free S parts! 
And you would have saved a good $500!!!

$500 ah, top up a bit can buy iPad you know...
Or a netbook.

Then there's this other promotion....

UNLIMITED for S$188!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Savings of $800!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay I know, I sound like those Courts or Giant advertisements. Hahahha!!!
But seriously, unlimited for this price is an offer you can't miss. I know of people who went to get the underarms done and it cost them about 1k. Total. 

Musee is flexible in the sense that IF, SUPPOSING you don't know if this is going to work for you. So you're not going to fork out S$582.08 for a 4-session (L) package right away, right? You can, if you want, take the S$188 promo first. Experience the treatment, and if you like it and wants to then take the 4-session package, just top up $582.08 - $188 = $394.08

The maths is correct hor?
I never use calculator leh! *so proud of my mental sums*

My point is, SEE!!! Musee is so flexible, you KNOW they are not trying to rip you off.

One thing about this place is it's an all women salon. 

No men. No children.
To maximise the whole comfort level. Kids can run around, or scream, or cry. Men, well, some women just feel uncomfortable seeing a male form lurking around where she goes to remove her bikini/armpit hair. You get the picture?

I love the fact that the whole process, from consultation to treatment to you leaving the salon, takes only about 30 minutes. So it's very convenient!!! Schedule about 1 hour in case you have A LOT of questions to ask them. And in case there's a queue due to me posting this up. ;)

Go check out Musee Platinum Tokyo's website, so you can ask less questions when you're there.

Love Me,

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