Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm Eurasian.

 Guess what I look like?

 No la I don't look like a dog, though people have told me that Alton does look like me, somehow. =D

I brought Alton to Pet Lovers' for his grooming today (his first ever at PL), and the first question the Chinese girl in the grooming area asked me was "Are you Chinese?"

I don't look Chinese? I don't know. What race do I look like? I've been told I don't look Singaporean (Hong Konger, Japanese, Indonesian, anything but local) and I always wondered how a Singaporean's supposed to look like. Then when I was younger, fellow Malay kids at the playground would speak to me in Malay instead of English, so I supposed I look Malay or Nonya-ish to some too. A recent trip to KL had a few Malaysian Malays speaking to me in Melayu and not believing that I was Chinese too... Hmm.... Oh well...

"Yup I'm Chinese."

"I thought maybe like one of your parents is Chinese then the other is not, cos you look a bit mixed blood, like Eurasian."

I do???? I DO???? I look Eurasian??? Not Malay? BUT EURASIAN???? OMG!!! Earlier today I had gone to Pink Parlour at Far East Plaza to get my Brazilian done, and the Filipina who did my waxing also asked if I am Chinese or Eurasian!!!!!!

I'll take it as a complement, because from what I know, Ang Mohs + Asians have been known to produce really beautiful babies... I'm sure you know right? ;)

Yes, Devon Aoki, though she still looks very much Japanese, is Eurasian. And a very sexy one at that...

1/2 Chinese-Hawaiian, 1/2 Caucasian American
 OMG did you know this guy is Eurasian??? *near orgasm* He's so charming I could die at his feet...while pretending to look like I'm not particularly impressed #hangupandsell (吊起来卖)

 Nicole Scherzinger (yes that's her name, the lead singer of Pussycat Dolls). She is part Filipino and part Hawaiian/Russian. One of my favourite singers...she's got the height, the body, the moves, and she can sing. Hell I wanna be like her...but I've failed in the vertical challenge already. *sobs*

Kristin Kreuk!!!! I'm a fan of this one too! So sweet and pretty-looking!

There was a time when Smallville was really big, and during then I had an ex-boyfriend who used to say Kristin Kreuk reminds him of me. ^.^
She's really pretty, and I'm really honoured to be reminded of that way.
She's 1/2 Chinese, 1/2 Dutch. And me? 1/2 Chinese and 1/2...er...Chinese. 


Vanessa Hudgens. Her father is of Irish and Native American descent, and her mother is of Chinese-Filipino-Spanish descent. Whoa that's VERY mixed blood. And look what happened - CHIO~~~

 I purposely chose this picture because she had bangs in this one, like me!!!!


 Maggie Q -  Her father  is an American of Irish and Polish descent, and her mother is Vietnamese.

 Cecilia Cheung. Her dad's Cantonese and her mum's half Cantonese-half British mother. So her mum's Eurasian. Which means there is 1/4 Ang Moh blood in her, so that makes her Eurasian too! Bet you didn't know that!

Okay how about something closer to home?

Jean Danker, probably the most recognised local Eurasian. ^.^

Supermodel Nadya Hutagalung, is Eurasian...

DENISE KELLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's HAWT!!!

So I suppose looking like I have mixed parentage means it's a good thing? Well I did have people asking me if I'm pure Chinese before, but having 2 different comment in one day? The 2 girls just made my day wonderful~

 Pure Chinese looking like mixed. Pirated Eurasian?

Love me? Hate me? *pouts*


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  1. You look like my next gf. Maybe you like korean men? Send me a pm.