Wednesday, July 28, 2010

HELP University's School Achiever Scholarship Awards Calling For Applications!

You may recall a previous blog post where I managed to snag RM12k from the miserly corporate hands of HELP University College for my Foundation in Art studies there.Well,I haven't lost it yet,that's all you need to know about me.Another thing that you should know is that HELP has once again developed a subconscious and offering the School Achiever Scholarship Awards(or SASA for short) to all SPM,STPM and UEC Senior Middle 3 students.

If you think this is another scholarship that places the value of book smarts over street smarts,think again.How else would you think a slacker like me could get it?All you need is proof of your active co-curricular life in secondary school and voila!You'd be guaranteed a place in the interview sessions.But lest you think that ends there,applicants will go through a much stringent selection method this year than previously.You'd also have to participate in a series of group challenges that will test your leadership abilities and teamwork.There'll be people at hand to assess you personality-wise.Impress them enough,and your scholarship value goes higher.

Still,it is not a really difficult process when compared to the likes of Sime Darby and Khazanah.Once you get called up for interview,you're a shoo-in for the scholarship.The question much?That all depends on how well you do.HELP's idea of rejection is to offer you a measly RM4k.An amount that they know you will surely refuse.Clever bastards,those HELP men.

Anyway,here's a breakdown of how much you'd be receiving for each of the programs.

Foundation in Arts/Science= RM4k to RM15,400(full)
Edexcel A-Levels= RM4k to RM18k(full)
American Degree Program= RM4k to RM18k(full)

Don't be fooled by the colourful prospects other colleges offer.What HELP lacks in facilities they make up for in character building.All successful applicants are required to intern under the Customer Marketing Department,where they'll have a hand in organising some big scale events like the HELP Biz Quiz,HELP's Debating Tournament,Law Apprentice and the recent Fete de la Musique.This'll give you a taste of what it's like to be a real citizen of the working world.At the risk of sounding like a shameless promoter,the experience is priceless.

So move your mouse pointer away from Facebook and your porno and click on this to apply online.For more details,go here.

See you guys at the interview!

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