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No More Hair!!! (Well, Almost) by Soprano Pain-Free, Hair-Free™

I've been taken off the daily chores of shaving, or the twice a week epilating, or the occasional plucking, for good. Yes dears, you no longer have to twist yourselves into strange contortions to get rid of your hair....

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I've gone for laser hair removal. Well, it was just on the armpits, but hey, that would save me shaving for THE REST OF MY LIFE! Oh god...I just realized that it was going to be permanent!!! RIP armpit hair follicles. See you next life. 

Yeah, okay, so Silver went for laser hair removal, big deal. What if I told you it was painless? Totally painfree?
Those of you who have gone for IPL may agree with me that that hurt. Personally I have a high pain threshold, and even then I twitch every time the light goes off and zaps my skin. 

Other types of laser hair removal? I've tried those too, and perhaps because I had (PAST TENSE!!! I HAD!!!) coarse armpit hair, my hair follicles were harder to kill. Yeah okay I just admitted I had coarse armpit hair and smashed your possible fantasy of how Silver Ang should be. But I have to make this point. My hair would always grow back, maybe just a little bit finer, for one cycle. Then 1 month later the hair will become coarse, thick, and stubby again. 


I used to be very conscious of raising my arms, of wearing sleeveless tops and tube dresses. Because my hair was coarse, even if I shaved,  I would see dark spots where the hair's supposed to be. You this:

I was always terrified of raising my arm and exposing this (And when I was younger and fatter, it was partly also because I didn't want to show people flabby arms with loose-skinned armpits la...)

I was from Nanyang Girls' High, and the school uniform included a white sleeveless top. I became conscious of armpit hair and having to look groomed since I was in Sec 1. So I was fortunate to never have to be embarrassed because of this:

Thank god.

The worst my pits have been were just long stubble. And well, even that can look quite turn-off, because somehow, though by nature we were meant to have, this society thinks otherwise... 
Long armpit hair or prickyly stubs...nope... Not even if you're Julia Roberts or Lily Allen.

 Okay you get my point la.

So in comes Soprano Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ to my rescue~ This is so cool, I got much much much much finer hair after JUST ONE TREATMENT!!!! I still had some fine hair growing out (I'll explain why later) after almost 2 months from my first treatment, but it was significantly less dense and thinner. 

I wish I could show you guys how my armpits looked like before, but I didn't allow my hair to grow to gross-looking stubs to take a decent Before picture. Plus I was too excited to get those eeeky things off. 

For all those who have darker or more pigmented skin and have enquired about IPL or laser hair removal previously, you should know by now that the more heavily pigmented you are, the less suitable you are for laser or IPL (because it may hurt, damage and burn your skin). Soprano Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ is suitable for everybody, all skin types, all colours, and really, almost all ages. And it's not just for the ladies okay. Men with significant amount of forest (especially on the back and chest area) can go for this treatment too. We all know men somehow have a lower pain threshold than us women (try telling your man you want to wax him), so they can be assured that it will be painless. There won't be anyone yanking his hair off, no funny machine that will burn his hair. Ain't that something?

The Soprano Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ has been featured in various TV programmes such as Fox TV's "Dr Daniels California", CBS Show "The Doctors" and "Health Watch", and has also appeared in print media like "SHE Magazine", "GQ", Vogue Spain", "Marie Claire Spain" and "The Aesthetics Guide". I've picked out a video from "The Doctors" to show you how the Soprano Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ works.

You can go to Youtube to watch more of Soprano hair removal's videos later. There are tonnes of them around.

This is where I go for my treatment.

 This is 4 weeks following the first session. Very fine hair, and much less than what I've been used to. I'm not kidding when I told you I had coarse hair. You know, the kind with the very thick roots when you pluck them out? Yah, that kind. Now? This is a very very very very close-up shot. Let's stand back further, shall we?

Really can't see much seaweed right?

This is the result after 2 sessions. And this is at Week 5 after my second session. You can really, barely see any hair. My hair follicles have shrunk significantly, and I can't wait to have flawless smooth armpits soon!


This was the frequency used to zap my hair follicles with.

 First they'll clean your pits. De-bacterialise. In other words, sterilize and get rid of any residue sweat, smell (so the doctor doesn't faint while doing the procedure for you) and possibly bits of material left behind by your top. And then they'll shave your pits. 

They have to shave your pits, otherwise your hair will burn. This is where the science comes in..
There are 4 stages of hair growth:
  1. Early Anagen (early hair growth)
  2. Anagen (active hair growth)
  3. Catagen (regression)
  4. 4Telogen (resting, not growing)
Laser hair removal only affects the Anagen stage, (actively growing hair). Therefore, approximately twenty-five-percent of hair is removed with each treatment, scheduled 4-8 weeks apart, depending on your hair growth cycle. About a few weeks after treatment, your hair may still grow, but some of them will just drop off. REALLY! They'll just loosen from the damaged hair follicle, and drop off. 

After 4 to 6 treatments, when almost all the hair follicles on the treated area has been damaged, the area should be free from hair.

Yes this treatment aims to kill the hair follicles so that new hair can NEVER grow again. Which translates to....


Note: Never ever try it on your hairline, brows, or anywhere you still want hair on okay? Gone means gone. It's how good this is.

That's Dr Jane Yong getting my armpits assessed~ Yes I'm obviously pleased with the results enough to be able to confidently show off the pits to her. LOL.

 And I'm ready for my third session! Bring it on, Doctor~~~~!!!

The cooling gel applied to my pits helps to rapidly cool the skin where the laser from Soprano will target. That's also why the procedure is painless. 
Erm..yah I know the gel there looks kinda...okok let's not think too hem.

 Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep~ is all you will hear. Cos your eyes are all covered up. 
What you will feel is the machine against your armpits which may set you squirming if you're the ticklish type, but otherwise it just feels like a warm massage.

 And I was done within 5 minutes!!! For BOTH sides!


 How do you know that the treatment doesn't irritate the skin? I didn't even get any redness immediately after the treatment! It wasn't itchy either. ;)

I used to have slightly dark armpits (some of you have been asking about how to deal with this). This treatment, according to the doctor, helps to solve the problem of dark armpits too. After just a few treatments, other than the armpit crease lines which are darker, the overall colour has lightened.

Soon I can do deodorant ads. LOL!!!

It's been 4 weeks since my last treatment, and this is how it looks now:

In 3 days' time I'm going for session 4. Anyone wanna join me? ;)

Now that I'm close to having completely hairless armpits, I don't care anymore if my hair messy or makeup not fresh. Okay for now. Next time you see me I'll be groomed properly again. LOL.

10 Sinaran Drive #11-31
Novena Medical Centre Square 2
Singapore 307506
Tel: 6397 2722

For those of you not comfortable with having a man doctor look at your pits, you can look for Dr Yong.
Personally, it doesn't matter whether it's a male or female doctor, as long as they're good and makes you feel comfortable. That's most important.

The Soprano Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ is also available in many other clinics located around the island. Click here to find the one nearest to you. ;)


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