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ManHunt 2010 Singapore - Preview of the Boys, erm, Men

I was invited for the above event. 
Special thanks to Omy for the invite~

You guys better appreciate the effort put into picture-sourcing for this entry. There wasn't ANY official ManHunt 2010 Singapore website, so I had to google my fingers off, look through tonnes of facebook, flicker, gay sites (don't you laugh at me~) just to get my hands on these pictures. In the process, I had to bare with some disturbing pictures of naked gay men and couples.I don't look at naked men with their toing-toing hanging out. Not unless it's my other half. What, I'm sure even lesbians don't look at gay men, like how gay men don't look at lesbians right?

Some, not all, but the "some" naked pictures are enough to guarantee me a vote for the sgblogawards, no? NO???  You guys are hell demanding readers.... *grumbles*

Did I mention ManHunt was never my thing? It still isn't la, though I gotta admit it was entertaining and quite an eye-opener to actually see guys strutting their stuff in various fashion outfits and, erm, swimwear. The kind of stuff we're used to seeing girls do, you get what I mean? I was actually quite giggly throughout the Summer Sunset Preview, and Geck Geck kept telling me to stop. (I feel quite bad now, cos I might have affected their performance or something, but hey, some of the guys are really like, funny lor~~~ You know, the gong-tut kind of funny?)

A bit of background about Manhunt Singapore:
The Hunt is in its 22nd year running for Singapore's best looking men who has looks, brains and modelling abilities. Though I'm sure there are MANY more great-looking ones in Singapore who weren't sourced out, probably hiding in your home, or mine ;)
So this competition's winner does NOT necessarily represent Singapore's BEST-looking man, yah? But we applaud these men for their courage in joining this competition! (It really takes guts to walk in front of an audience in nothing but swimming trunks....)

I found this as well -

MANHUNT SINGAPORE 2010 contest is open to all eligible male in Singapore and the qualification for eligibility are that each applicant:
  1. Shall be at least 18 years of age on 1stDecember 2010 and not older than 30 years of age on or before 1st December 2010.

  2. Shall be the following:
Who is a natural male by birth and of good moral character
Who have never previously won any Manhunt Singapore title
Shall be a citizen of Singapore or Work Permit Holder or Student Pass or a Permanent Resident. (Work Permit Holder, Student Pass and Permanent residents must continue to reside in Singapore for at least one year from the date of winning the Manhunt Singapore 2010)

Natural male by birth and of good moral character. Okay, this reminds me of the big hoo-haa over the All-male singing competition in China.

Well? What if a 'She' joins Manhunt 2010? 'She' wouldn't be breaking the rules either, would 'she'?

And please la, who, if they were of bad moral character, tell people they were of bad moral character if they really wanted to join this competition? -.-"

Okay back to the topic~

As promised, here are the hunks, all 20 of them. I've included more pictures on the ones who have left a deeper impression on me, positive or not.

p/s. No, I don't normally post pictures of the male species in my blog. The only one I love featuring is Alton. But I thought all of you might want a closer look at the potential ones who will represent Singapore in the Manhunt International 2011.

I'm a bit confused cos it says final 18, but 19 turned up at the Summer Preview. Then I saw 20 faces on the preview poster.

So I'll feature all 20 here~ Feast on~~~



The first time I saw him of course wasn't vis this picture. It was at the preview. And I kept giggling whenever he came out, because he was such a block of wood!!!!!! (Sorry Ben!) I'm serious, if Manhunt EVER requires him to dance, I doubt he can. He's always straight (I mean like literally. Not sure if he is or not. You get what I mean.). Like upright straight, cannot bend that kind. I thought he was damn stiff when he did the catwalk. (Okay this sounds more and more wrong....nvm...)
 But I gotta say, he really looks good in his pictures.

Seriously, if I hadn't met him at the preview, he might have my vote. But no la, I don't like his too-stiffness. I like someone who can have a bit of fun, knows how to loosen up, and if he can dance, woot~ BONUS! (Cos I was a dancer myself, so I find guys who has the moves soooooooper charming.) If I ever went out with Ben I'd probably be walking like 抬头挺胸走直直,肚子屁股收紧,不可以驼背~~~~
Not my idea of a fun date.

Who agrees with me that he looks a tad like Elvin Ng? His surname's Ng too *suspicious*
He wasn't there at the preview, so I didn't get to see this one.

This one didn't really leave an impression but I found some nice(r) pictures of him.

Jun Hong

I find this one quite cute (I happen to like boyish types~), but he didn't catch my eye at first, but I thought his personality shone through during the fashion catwalk showcase at the preview. He didn't seem awkward despite him not being one of the taller guys (he's 1.69m), which I'm sure many would especially when they're standing beside so many 1.8m guys. What he lacks vertically, his confidence makes up for it. Plus a hot bod and a great smile, you get a guy whom I'm sure everyone will take to.


I found his "Before" picture!

This was Kasbani. 2007!!!!!

2008 picture. He's got the cute Malay boy look nevertheless.

 Mar 2009.

Guys!!!! Are you motivated yet????

Kee Wee

Koh Bin

Nicer picture.

Koh Jin

If you're double-taking, your eyes are fine. Yup we've twins in this year's Manhunt!

I thought Koh Jin has that bit more Ooomph! X-factor. Waddya think?



I thought he looked like someone whom I've worked with during my flying days. Maybe I'm mistaken~ *shrugs*



 Another cute one. Not what I would yell about. But among these guys, this one got my attention a bit more. Boyish looks for me la.
He's got slight lazy eyes though, not very apparent in his pictures. And for models, I think how they turn up in pictures is very important.

He was among the CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2010~ 
Though at age 22, 'eligible bachelor' isn't what I would coin him as. Carrer? Car? Manly charm? Established? Rich? Probably MIGHT own a car (after all, I owned a car when I was 19, and I paid the monthly instalments MYSELF with my own earnings). Not likely, except if he comes from a well to-do family, then maybe rich. Then again, I guess everyone's definition of an 'eligible bachelor' is different. 
What's yours?

Now this is a guy who knows how to have some fun!!!! =DD
(Sorry Xavier, if you're reading this~ This might earn you humour points!!!!)


. I don't know what's with the names and confusion created this year. There's twin brothers Koh Bin and Koh Jin, Sean and Shwan, and Zach nd Zack. -.-"
Anyway this boy was my pick at the Summer Sunset Preview. 19 years old. Still a boy, not yet a man, in my opinion. Probably wasn't as experienced as the rest of the older guys (because I caught him 'stoning' while waiting for his solo walk, which you should NEVER do on stage!!!!). Body wasn't as fantastic as the rest, but I've never liked guys with huge muscles. (Though I admit Zack could pump up JUST a bit more.) 
Just the right contours would get my adrenalin pumping~ (only if it was my guy, of course).

By the way, I thought he looked quite like my friend Elson Soh. Got hor? Except Zack probably has a nicer body (lol~). I wouldn't know, coz I've never seen Elson less than fully-clothed. =P

I think he would draw the attention of many secondary school girls, no?

I picked him because he's got the looks typical of a boy in transition to becoming a man, which I find really versatile. And he looks blur, which has this draw to me. I find good-looking guys who look blur kind of alluring...
Though Manhunt International would be a tough one for him to conquer.

We had some fun with the boys, of course. I'm waiting for the Omy crew to upload the videos, after which I will post the videos AND the happenings at the Summer Sunset Preview. Stay tuned~

Meanwhile, if you haven't done so and you feel I really put effor into blogging for you dearest readers, spend a bit of time voting for me k? Best Modelling Blog, and click on the words "VOTE" at the bottom left of my picture. ;) Eternally grateful~



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