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Review: Pink Parlour

I was invited to Pink Parlour!!!!

Guess for what??? 

Brazilian Waxing!!!! *squeals*

I've been lazy and not going for my treatments for the past 2 months, so when I got the invite, I was thrilled! Free stuff that's actually useful, what's not to be happy about? ^.^

The pretty entrance
The place is so sophisticated pink, not your girly girly type of pink, if you get what I mean. I'm suckers for sophistication.

You can do your nails at Pink Parlour too!
They have been awarded "Best Mani/Pedi" by Singapores Tatler 2009,
as well as "Best French Mani/Pedi" by Cleo Magazine 2009

I especially love the cushions.

Oh, you can't see this from this picture, but there's actually a TV screen in front, and you can actually choose from a range of DVDs to watch while getting your nails pampered.
There's free wireless internet! So you can bring along your lappie and work/facebook/youtube/do whatever away while you get your manicure/pedicure done! Just get the password from the counter~


When I arrived, they brought me inside and had me go take a shower~
SHOWER LEH!!!! This is like the first time I've gone waxing and they actually provide such a facility for their waxing clients!!! Usually, with the other parlours, they just ask you if you need to go to the toilet before your waxing session. In case you get too excited, painful, or nervous and pees on the therapist halfway while she has her hands over your, erm, there.
I think the idea of a shower before waxing is nice, you can thoroughly clean yourself and smell nice. In case you've been working the whole day walking all over the place and sweating, you don't want the therapist to smell you and whatever bacteria and flora that has been breeding the whole day~
You know what I mean....

The shower room intrigued me...

Wah lao....looks so high-tech~
As I was undressing, I kept staring at the shower area, half afraid that I won't know how to use and have cold water spray on me from behind or something~

And I close in...

The sign on top of the mirror says no pee-ing. Damn cute la...
How many of you pee in the shower? 
Eh don't shy la...I'm one of them~ WHAT?? WHAT?? WHAT?? The dirty water all goes down the same sewage what...what's the difference? Plus you rinse it all off anyway, so you don't waste extra water flushing... *shrugs*

You can sit here and have water jets spray on you!!! See what I mean about being worried about water coming from dunno-where?
(psst...the shower has 2 of such seats inside, by each side of the mirror~ I wonder why~~~)

Wah piang!!! Got FM/CD controls leh!!!! I didn't know how to tune the FM so I didn't manage to make it work. But then again, WAH PIANG!!!!! They actually have this!!!!

Okay enough of the shower facility, I'm gonna wash up and prepare to be hairless down south (again!!!!) Yippee~~~~

This is where I'm going to get my waxing done!

The tools

This is the hot wax.

Okay I'm seeing question marks above your heads. At Pink Parlour, only quality hard wax from Australia is used. Wax is being heated up in heaters like the ones above, then using an ice cream stick, the therapist will apply hot wax directly onto your skin. The wax then hardens when it cools, allowing the therapist to remove it easily. This is different from strip waxing. You know, the strip waxes you buy from Watsons or Guardian? When you rip off the paper strip, it removes the wax, together with the hair and the dead skin cells. Hot waxing has the benefit of not removing or gripping the skin, thus pain is greatly reduced and tearing of the skin is unlikely, so it's actually great for people with sensitive skin, and for sensitive areas like the face and your precious kitten down there.

Before the procedure, with gloves on, did an anti-microbial prep and applied baby powder on my kitten (what, cute what, instead of calling it pussy..which sounds
The Parlour Girl told me the powder forms a barrier between the wax and the skin,which further prevents the wax from gripping the skin.

After the procedure, they helped me apply the after wax soothing lotion, supposingly to help calm the skin which was been disturbed by waxing, as well as prevent the formation of ingrown hairs and pustules and replenish the skin with vital nutrients. So you can see, measures are in place to protect your delicate skin! How thoughtful~

You know, Pink Parlour offers Singapore's only "Shape and Colour Me Down There" service! Using only Betty Beauty products, they use natural ingredients like ElderFlower, Cherry Bark, Chamomile, Comfrey, Rosemary and Aloe and are specially formulated to prevent irritations. So you can have a variety of fun, sexy shapes to choose from. And you can colour them too!!!

They actually sell products for you to do the "Shape and Colour Me Down There" procedure at home!

Free stencils included somemore! Lol~

For those with very few hair, lucky you, but note that the effect of shapes won't look so nice la. It'll look great if you are very hairy, so your shapes won't have holes. Then again, it's worth a try~

Me? I prefer ALL off, thank you. Naked. Bare. Skin. Mmmmm~~~~~

The Parlour Girls also recommended some after-wax care products for me to bring home. The products are by Caron. Caron is a popular brand of superior salon waxes and accessories and originates from Australia. You can read more about Caron here.
p/s. Pink Parlour is the sole distributor for Caron products in Singapore!

Bump eRaiser Medi Paste.
This one's for treating ingrowns and infections resulting from it. I was horrified to find a huge pimple there the morning I was due for my appointment, and given my itchy hand, I went to burst it. The Parlour Girl who did my waxing told me it was from an ingrown and recommended I get this.
This has been scientifically formulated to prevent and eliminate ingrown hairs and bumps often associated with hair removal on the face, bikini line, legs and underarms. Containing Tea Tree Oil, Triclosan and Vitamin A, Bump eRaiser Medi Paste reduces swelling and prevents infection of the hair follicle. It even has built-in moisturisers and exfoliants to make your skin baby smooth~

The star product - Bump eRaiser Triple Action Lotion
Why triple action?

1. Prevents ingrown hairs.
2. With regular use, hair growth becomes considerably finer.
3. Eases the discomfort of waxing of up to 80%
In fact, I think there's one more, which is the most important - it retards hair growth!

I think this product is great, especially for those with coarser hair. When I saw it, I knew I had to get it. You can use it anywhere - legs, chest, back, kitten, armpit, face~ I seriously don't mind slower and finer hair growth.
This comes with a 14-day guarantee. Use it twice daily, preferably before a hot shower/bath, and if you don't see slower and finer hair growth in 2 weeks, bring the unused bottle back, and you will get a credit refund.
Oh, if you're thinking of getting this from other shops, you can't, cos Pink Parlour is the only place that carries the Bump eRaiser series here~

 I bought a bottle, and I dare say, it's worth a try. Usually my hair starts growing a week after my waxing session, but it's been a week and I don't even feel the bumps signalling that hair is growing out~
Will let u know the final verdict next week. ;)

You know, other than waxing, and nails, they do facials as well.
And IPLs.
And Spa Treatments and Massages.
And Body Scrubs and Wraps.
And Eyelash Curling and Extensions.
And Lash and Brow Tinting
And Spray Tanning.
Heck! They even do mini HEN PARTIES!!! Is that cool or what???

And ladies, should you want to bring your man along, they do Boyfriend's Brazilian as well! So both of you can get bare and hairless with smooth skin together, then head home and...erm...yah~ you know~~~
I'm not going to talk about all these treatments above, go check out their website yourself okay?

BUT!!! Before you go, I've got good stuff to share with you. 
To reward you for coming here so often~ ^.^

The Classic Mani and Pedi originally costs $22 and $33 respectively (total $55!!), and the Brazilian $49~ Now they're offering it to you guys at $28! Almost half price leh~ 
Go make your appointment now Babes (and Dudes!)

Pink Parlour's Outlets

  • Liang Court Shopping Centre - 6100 (7365) PINK 
  • Marina Square - 6100 (5489) KITY
  • Far East Plaza - 6100 (9297) WAXS


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