Thursday, July 22, 2010

Moral Studies Video:Malaysian Food In Pusat Bandar Damansara


Words that do not describe the video my group did as our Moral Studies presentation.Faced with the topic "Unique to Malaysia",we decided on the favourite foods of the 3 main races namely roti canai,nasi lemak,thosai,char koay teow and chicken rice.

As you might have clearly guessed from the opening theme,I was trying to go for a Lonely Planet vibe there.Unfortunately,there is only so much that Windows Movie Maker and scriptless filmmaking could do.The result is 8 excruciating minutes of grandfather story-telling laced with impromptu lies and obligatory "humour"(I use this word very loosely).

You know that feeling where you imagine yourself as a proud father holding his beautiful baby in his arms for the first time?I have that feeling alright,but this is one kid I'm ashamed to be related to.

What about you guys?Think my self-criticism is too harsh?Or too lenient?Comment with your opinions please!

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