Thursday, July 29, 2010

Renovation Works in Progress

I haven't been updating lately cos I've been busy packing up my room for renovation works which are going on this week in my house. Best thing was this: Supposing renovation works will start tomorrow, then tonight Mummy comes into your room and announces "Tomorrow the reno guys are coming. Clear your room by tomorrow. Put your stuff into my bedroom."

I almost died of a heart attack. I've to EMPTY my wardrobe, shelves and basically practically EVERYTHING into my mum's room? She's doing renovation for me and my sis' rooms, so ALL our stuff are gonna go into HER ROOM? And I was NOT provided boxes to pack. AND my house ALWAYS has a serious shortage of plastic bags, even for throwing rubbish.

So how is emptying my room in one night possible sia? Ambition at it's best leh. It was that night when I was doing the magic video. The next day I had to go perform in front of Liu Qian. Can you imagine how stressed I was? 

Anyway, what happened was I DID manage to clear everything (I know, I'm amazed too, Girls, you know how much stuff we own). For the whole renovation period, my mum and sis will sleep in my mum's room (as always anyway. Sis has been sleeping there for as long as I can remember). Which leaves me with nowhere to koon. Living room's out, it's messy, plus on the days when I don't have to work I don't exactly fancy workers walking all over me. Kitchen is already filled with my stuff. (Duh, you really think EVERYTHING can fit into my mum's room?) Balcony? It's for doing laundry. And there'sno way I'm going to stay in the house with all the noise and the workers in the house. I treasure my own space. A LOT.

Yesterday I tried to go book a chalet room, figuring since it's July and not the school holidays, I should be able to get a room. Guess what? It's full. Cheap, yes, at $90 per night. But FULL. Great. So I tried budget hotels like Value Hotel, AQueen, Hangout@Emily, yada yada...


What is going on????????? I heard even Swissotel's almost full, and only the suites are left.
After talking to a friend, I realized...



Oh you know what? This very sweet girl had her mum help me check room availability cos her mum works with the hospital to help foreign families find accomodation while their loved ones are hospitalised here. Thanks Olivia! Okay you know what? Her mum actually even checked all the Fragrance Hotel outlets and Hotel 81s. AND THEY ARE FULL AS WELL~~~~~~ (except the Geylang outlets). HOTEL 81 leh!!!! WTH????????? Not that I would stay there la, but still...WTH???? Every 色伯伯 wants to 那个 this weekend? OR are all the YOG families staying there???

Of ALL timings. And isn't YOG starting only end of next week! Why the hell are people coming in SO early???? And taking up the budget hotels?!?!?!? Then at this time, my place has to undergo renovations (gotta happen through the weekend when families decide to stay in chalets). Suei until cannot suei... I somehow wished Mum had warned me earlier. At least I could get a place to sleep in. And pack my stuff there. Now I don't even know where my external hard disk is. It holds all my photos which I use for blogging. Which means I can't do my advertorials and reviews cos I stored the photos there!!!!! *panic* 

I'll see what I can do. I WILL get an advertorial/review up TODAY.

Then again, I still can use some old pictures from my phone I guess... (thank god I never clear the phone...)

Alton has been moved out of my place as well. The day the workers came and started knocking and making loud works, Alton went to hide in the bathroom, in the space between the toilet bowl and the wall. I figured he's going to get dusty and really uncomfortable, so I took him out. That was one of the reasons why I wanted a chalet room. I could get Alton in there easier than I can get him into a hotel.

Anyways, does anyone here miss my long hair?

I still want a place to stay. Like, not someone's place, but a nice chalet or hotel room. Cheap one under $100/night, except 81s and Fragrances. Not sure how long the renovations are going to take, but I know after our rooms are done, Mum will do HER room. I hope she doesn't do it during the September school hols. So its easier for me to book a room then. And that she'll tell me earlier. So I can book it early. For what since my room's done? To avoid the noise and the workers~ -Duh-


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