Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Singapore Blog Awards 2010

FINALLY!!!!! It's been 5 days since Singapore Blog Awards 2010. I know you guys keep coming in to get updates on what happened and who won, who was there, yadayada. I'm sure most of you have gone sightseeing at the Omy website already, but I'm going to yak on anyway~ ;)

By the way, I didn't find my bike and box keys, but I have managed to make a duplicate key. So I've gone and rescued my bike from that carpark in town. And can again roam around freely in my dearest red R15. ;)

Special thanks to Omy for organizing such a big event for the bloggers. I would never have met such great friends and like-minded people (namely, AGG, Melody, Yutaki, Leonny, and so many more!!!) had there not been such an event. Let's hope this continues to take the world of blogging to greater heights!

The modelling bloggers were told to do a modelling showcase and had to come up with an outfit which best describes who we are. Guess what???

My top's Silver!!!! 
Eh don't laugh okay. This picture's really taken from my FB fanpage. Lol.
Armour-inspired bustier top designed by Kit (<---click to see the design!) and Jessica from First Design Media School, especially for me. Before this, I never knew I was design schools' mannequin size! *happy*

 This is Kit. Jessica's got work that day so she couldn't make it.
Yes I know I look spastic here.

My hair was very kew that night! Done by Evanda from Shunji. I think it's very "Boomz" leh!

This is me with Kanny, my 师妹 from Wawa. Both of us had our tube tops designed by students from First Design Media School. Cool huh?

 With Miss Ang Geck Geck! I only got to know her at the Manhunt event sometime ago cos we were both invited by Omy to attend. And I've never looked back since!
Notice her necklace is made of loads and loads of safety pins?

She won the Best Modelling Blog! Congrats babe! I'm so glad it's you who won, you know? ;)

By the way, HER tube top is also a design by Kit and Jessica! Her theme's eco-friendly so it's made of magazine paper!

My first song performance for the night, singing "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz.

Here's a video of me singing the song. This is the only video I've got. Sorry the front and ending's chopped off due to technical issues.

Do send me via email if you've got a better recording! ;)

WHAHAHAHA~~~ That's me waving to the crowd. I love candid shots. Lol~

Yes Qiu, I can see a line THERE. Woot!

You can blame my camera for the blur shot.

Act seh~

The modelling showcase. Well, initially, all 10 modelling bloggers agreed to do it. Then, 5 backed out. =( So we had bloggers from other categories do the showcase as well.


Gordonator. I have no idea what this was about but it is kinda cool.

I had to put this up. When we were backstage, Yutaki kept asking us if his pictures make him look like he's very short. Cos on his blog's profile page, he put his height as 189cm. And someone actually commented "Dream on".
Guys, Yutaki IS really 189cm!!!!!!
I was wearing heels already and he's still so much taller~

Okay, guess who was there?

He got the Paparazzi-Spotted Head Turner sticker leh. Kns why I don't have? Because I never shake my head as much as him ah?
Literally head-turner lor, the head turn and turn and turn and turn. Go on stage already keep 'dancing'.

Yup! Ris Low was there too! I tell you ah, I was shocked when I saw her. She's a lot taller and bigger than I am. She seemed to have put on quite a bit of weight. I think she's mellowed down, maybe it seemed that way because Mr Lim trying with all his might to get all the attention there is to get onstage.

Singing "美丽笨女人" by Coco Lee.

I got the verses mixed up and was trying desperately to find a point where I can go back to the song so it will end nicely~ Whilst singing. I tell you, it was hilarious~ And I was panicking! Lol~

Here's the link -

Yay! Accomplished! And what did I say? I lurve candid shots!

Nails! Qiu was trying to look kitty-ish. Lol~
I think this pic looks quite cool leh~ And yes, my Silver nails were obviously to match the Silver Gaga-ish top.

Everyone was given a brochure with 3 "I Like" stickers included. Whoever or whoever's outfit you like, you stick a sticker on them. I kept having people coming to "piak" me, which was kinda funny. Especially when I was chatting with some of the bloggers I met, then someone will come and "Can I paste a sticker on you?".
Thank you everyone. For liking either me or my outfit. I knew I was loved, but not this much. Lol~

 I got the most "I Like"s that day, with 94 stickers.
I won a 3D-2N stay at Koh Samui! Have always wanted to go there! Thanks everyone, especially the sticker-pasters! You guys gave this trip to me~ Love you!!!! ^.^

And again, thank you Kit and Jessica. You guys rock! I think next time if (no, WHEN) I make it big-ger, I'll have you guys design my red-carpet pieces for me. Sounds good? ;)

I like too!!!

Credits to Darren, Omy, 慧师傅, JS, Gel ST for all the great photos!

That SILVER Girl

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