Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Am on STRAITS TIMES Newspaper!!!!!!

Wahahahhaaha~~~ Yah yah this is damn overdue I know, but I gotta say this again~
I AM ON NEWSPAPER!!!!! FRONT PAGE LEH!!!*runs around the room with hands in the air waving the paper around*

Okay, of Strait Times URBAN, but still front page what!!!!!! How many people make it to front page for not the wrong reasons (yes, I know many of you will be confused, those who are s.l.o.w, take your time to digest that phrase k?), huh? I never let ppl 包, never fight with people, never go and scandal with famous directors etc and GOT ONTO THE FRONT PAGE LEH!!! Yah okay okay, of URBAN, you HAVE to keep reminding me don't you? *waves "whatever" hand*

Which reminds me, I was on The New Paper a couple of months ago as well. My face was on the front page also lor!!! (Small thumbnail la, but still~~~) And it was a positive write-up as well. Show you guys that one next time yeah? ;)

Anyway on the ST URBAN it says we're "fame-hungry types" who (might) be the new Bored in Bikini girls, on one condition - that she get her boob job, and me my liposuction on problem areas. Eh what, I don't want to be like some people ah, got neh neh only say ownself got figure. Wah lao cows got so many neh neh and nipples, you think very sexy meh? Alton also got 6 small nipples lor. -.-" Anyway, I've got issues with my arms. Ever since I became a fat kid at the tender age of 6. Even after I slim down and my boobs lose another size my arms will still be fat. *mutter* And I don't really dare to train it cos if I do it might become big and toned. Eeeuu~!!! *horrors*

And I've got issues with my thighs. Ever since Ms Dawn Yip said I got huge thighs on Superstar 5 years ago Boohoohoo~~~~ Okay la she's not wrong, I've got big jiggly wiggly thighs, NOT good for being a TV actress (being slim is now part of my rice bowl), nor is it great for modelling clothes~

Yep my 2 biggest problems, and being girls, you know how difficult it is for us to slim down proportionately without
  1. sacrificing our boobs, and 
  2. risk having a just-nice body but too-shrunken face. 
  3. losing fats and becoming slim everywhere else except the places we want to.
  4. getting muscles, if we train, which really doesn't look too flattering on a woman's body if it gets too big or too hard....
So I guess at times like this, we need a professional doctor's help~ Oh well~ Time I got my body fixed. Face so pretty, body cui, wasted right? 要就追求完美嘛~不要 bua tang zui (半桶水) like that, mm sa mm xi....

For those of you who don't have ST at home (like me) or who haven't seen Qiu's blog on this the day it came out, I'm here to help spread the news. Lol~

Looks so sexily naked right? We're actually wearing spag/tube tops and shorts~
So...sorry to burst your fantasy guys! You can still choose to believe we're naked...

Aren't we?

Okay just don't wank off at your screen okay? I think it's quite difficult to clean off, especially if it gets into your keyboard...And seriously, if you wanna wank, I'm sure there are better sites to wank to. Erm...I'm flattered anyway. Er...yup.


You know, the last time this pair of good friends actually did a proper project together was when we were contenders in school in the Mr and Miss Singapore Polytechnic. Both of us were meatier then (yes, her included), and of course, more raw than this. So I'm actually very ecstatic that we're getting a chance to work together again!

 I think it's quite nicely taken, and we got the cheeky/cute look captured~ Plus, the fact that I don't look so much fatter than her in the picture is a major Yee-haa!!! moment for me. Cos she's like so tall right? (She's 173 and I'm 161 lor) And skinny. So I look like a (not very fat) pig next to her. It's like 王沙野峰 - chiobu version. Wahahahahaha!!!! Erm, for those with generation gaps, (I'm not really that old either okay, I just happened to watch a lotta TV when I was really young) these guys were VERY famous in their time.

Here are the guys -

WAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Brings back memories~ =D
Eh I tell you ah, if we REALLY do Bored in Bikinis 2, we'll make sure it's gonna be funny, and not bo liao *wink*
(I'm not trying to insinuate anything here, really~~~~)

 I had to be on 6-inch heels while she went barefoot. So the picture won't look lopsided. Tall, skinny, pretty, nice, I think she'll be perfect when she gets her boobs. She's smart and funny too~ N not afraid to act stupid *loves*

Me leh? I'm not very tall but petite also good, pretty, nice features (okay I could do with a slightly teeny weeny thinner face), okay boobs - no need too big, I think I'll be just as fantastic when I become skinny. I'm smart and witty as well. And not afraid to act stupid~

  We're quite a great pair, aren't we? ^.^

Here's my interview -
Have I ever mentioned Jolin Tsai was also my role model? Like for the longest time. Pretty, hardworking, great figure, at the top of almost every girl's I-wanna-be-like-her list.
I gotta go remove my dried-up mask which I put when I started writing this post, so I'll talk to you guys again soon yeah? 

THAT Silver Girl. Rocks.

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