Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ad: Sweet Dancing Ballerina

Look what I got from Sweet Dancing Ballerina!!!

SKII Products! I'm quite new to them, having acquired my first bottle of SKII Whitening Source from my dearest Chiobu aunt just a few months ago. But I gotta admit, they're good. No problems on my skin after using them. No breakouts whatsoever. My skin's already good la I know, but hey, I'm suckers for good facial products, and I use whatever's good. So as long as this one keeps my skin that way, I'm happy.

And oh, Sweet Dancing Ballerina sells these darlings in travel sizes, so if you're new to SKII, these are great for you to try out without burning a hole in your pocket (it may lure you to once you find they're good, though~)

First, you use the cleanser to cleanse your face of dirt and grime.

Then, you use the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion like a toner. Using a cotton pad.
You can then follow it with your Miracle Water or any other serum/moisturizer which you are currently using.

I also got these~~~

What did I say about me being suckers for facial products? =)


They carry stuff for nails too!!!

This is my favourite product from them so far - the Crystal Nail File. 

I've had numerous experiences with nail files, ranging from metal ones to emery boards. Many of them give the nail edge a jagged, rough feeling, like they're sorta tearing the nail. I used this crystal nail file on my chipped nail, and it glided across my nails smoothly!

This whole thing is made of uniquely hardened glass with a gentle abrasive surface that is permanently etched into the glass. The ultra fine-textured grit is ideal for natural nails, and won’t promote chipping and peeling like other files do.

Best part? This costs only $11.90!!! A Faceshop nail file will easily set you back $5 lor (or more?), don't even talk about the "branded" nail files. The normal nail files will become "unfile-able" after a few uses due to wear and tear of the grits , but this one seems to last for quite a while. *satisfied user*

They also sell nail art decos! (These are $1/pack!!!)
Look what I did with some of them - 

Green's one of my favourite colours for now. Together with yellow. Don't ask me why.
p/s: Thanks Kanny for the light green MJ nail polish~

Sweet Dancing Ballerina carries other stuff like accessories and cosmetics too~ Basically,
What a Girl Wants, What a Girl Needs~~~~~
Zip over now to check them out!!! (before I continue singing that song and scare you guys...)


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