Saturday, October 31, 2009

Silver Ang is Back!!!!

Yah that sounds one right?

I know you have been coming back to check on me once in a while, to see if I've something interesting to write about in my life, whether there's any illustration-worthy happenings...I'm very very very very very very tired no drawing-inspirations are in my groggy head at this moment.

I do, however, have LOADS of pictures to share with you from my past few days' filming~

My past few days have mostly been spent at SupperClub. HA! Most of you would think it's a makan place right?! Nope~ It's a club. You know, like Butter Factory or Zouk or Dragonfly. They have branches in other parts of the world as well, and a friend of mine happens to be one of 2 bosses of the Singapore branch. The place is damn cool la~ Gonna show you guys pictures of the place when I do get hold of them. I realised I forgot to take pictures of the place cos advertising for my friend wasn't on my mind when I was doing my shoots. He didn't ask me to do this either, I'm doing it cos I really think it's a nice place, and according to a friend, it's even "nicer than Butter, plus it's bigger". (I've never stepped into Butter Factory before...)

Anyway, back to my past few days being spent at Supperclub. I was supposed to be a girl who's making it big in model and entertainment industry (like huh??? cos I'm soooo not tall right? bleah!).

 This is a preview of many more pictures to come...

I'm really tired...Add the pictures when I wake up tomorrow...

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