Monday, October 19, 2009

An Official Opening

After so many years of putting this off, here I am finally, with my own personal bare-to-the-world blog,which opens me to all you guys out there~ Made-up or unpolished; as an actress or dancer or daughter or dog-owner or friend; standard, perfect English and I-just-don't-give-a-shit lingo with short-cut spellings; suddenly so much drive today and totally nua tomorrow; and on good and bad days. As human. Me. Silver. As is.

For people who've accidentally stumbled in here, my name is Silver Ang. I was a finalist in Channel U's Project Superstar 2005 (a nationwide singing competition organized by Mediacorp, Singapore's only TV station). After that competition, I became a part-time actress with Mediacorp for a year. Subsequently, by some twist of fate, I became a Singapore Airlines' flight stewardess, and remained one for 3 years.

Recently, WaWa Pictures (a local production house) approached me to host a kids' edutainment programme, Fun Learning 《Fun学去》. It's a hell of a long story, but to cut the story short, I decided to leave my perfectly fine job as a stewardess, n took on the offer.

My childhood ambition has always been acting. You can leave everything behind, and be who you may never be in real life. One moment you're a nurse, next you're a policewoman, suddenly u're pregnant and married to a poor karang guni man, or you could go back in time n 'relive' the 30's...or go to WWII...Acting excites me. It's like watching a movie, or reading a book, where u're transported somewhere far away...where ur current bills, r/s woes, messy bedroom, undone laundry....don't matter... Except this time you ARE the character, even for a while.

I was in the Drama Club in primary school. As well as the Chinese Dance Club (like many other girls were). In high school, I was lucky to have been part of the prestigious Dance Society, one of the best amongst schools then. I still love dancing. It's in the blood I guess. When I watched Step Up, I felt like I wanna do dancing again~ Except that I'm in Singapore where, well, dance has a limit in terms of career development. For now. I will not limit myself though, and if given an opportunity to dance on stage again, I'd gladly do so. *curtseys*

It was this love for performing that made me want to be an Artiste so much. And I guess, ever since I've decided to go there, almost every major decision I have made, was so that I could. I gave up Hwachong for poly (one of the best courses there, of course) so that I wouldn't be caught in the middle of Uni and not being able to pursue my dreams should opportunities arise along the way. I'm glad I did. Cos IMMEDIATELY after poly, 绝对Superstar happened. And everything else followed. I quit SQ because it has served its purpose as my floating device, and I've seen the world, met people, learnt many things, and am ready to come back n pursue my dreams~

My dream = Hollywood. For now, Jolin Tsai, or bigger. (Someone told me to set a very high target, so at least you know where to work towards)

Ground Zero. (Is the highest 100 if there's a scale?) Maybe it's Ground 25 for now, unless the highest when they refer to the opposite of ground zero is ground infinity~ Oh well...

My template's not done customizing yet. That'll take a while. Be patient dears~ =)

I'll be back later. Little tired...

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