Tuesday, October 6, 2009

RM12,000 In The Mail

If this letter had come a little bit later,I would have suffered anxiety attacks.Since hearing news of calls from my friends who've also applied,I had been waiting by my handphone all week,never letting it out of my sight.Like a bitch.Like a pre-pubescent schoolgirl waiting for that guy in school to call back.

Well,the waiting is finally over!Yours truly managed to squeeze the rather generous sum of RM12,000 from the meaty paws of HELP University College's principal.This should pay off most of my Foundation in Art course fee,relieving my parents of one less financial burden come the time to finally get me a car.

A second hand Proton will do,thanks.

Anyway,I can't say that I hadn't expected to receive the scholarship.Though I failed 4 subjects in my midterm exams,I have the co-cu record that other applicants can only dream of.Which goes to show that a subpar student who has a life away from books is better than a straight A student with no life whatsoever.

Here's to many more scholarships I'll pry from the hands of other more deserving candidates!

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