Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Laptop. Jeans. n Yishi.

Eventful day~~~ for me at least...haha..pardon me for being soooo lor sor ok?

Went to get my Vaio repaired. The wireless network adaptor is going bonkers...could detect the modem but couldn't get onto the internet. So....I've called Singnet n the technical guy tried to help me in every way possible...but...cannot repair. SO, he suggested I bring it to Sony. Like, do I have a choice...?

Anyways...after that I went to collect my pair of Levi's jeans which I bought a month back n sent for alteration. They told me then that it would take MAXIMUM 1 week and that they'll call when it's done. So I went about my own business, filming, sleeping, eating, yada yada...and one day (recently) I found the receipt in my wallet and remembered! YA HOR I BOUGHT A PAIR OF LEVI'S! Point is they never did call. And since I'm sending my laptop for repair I might as well drop by n pick it up. I called them, they apologised profuuuuusely (that's their saving grace) and told me it's ready for pickup at the shop.

Errands run. Laptop repair. Check. Pick up jeans. Check.

Then, I met up with my bestie Yishi for a coffee n reading session at Starbucks One Fullerton. Trust her to find a place like that. I mean, I know it exists, but only when I drive to go to like, Overeasy, or 春到河畔迎新春, or something... She managed to find out about that place by taking the train and the bus and walking outta Exit H at Raffles MRT and walking thru Fullerton Hotel thru the underpass.... -.-" *salute*

Anyway, I tried searching for Yishi's picture in my database n realised I couldn't find it. I've never taken many pictures with her, not to mention nice ones... =(
I'll steal one from her FB n show u guys one day. ;)

And we had a nice view of the construction of Marina Bay IR and the cranes (not the birds ya) while reading. My hp's battery was dying so I couldn't take a picture to show you our very fascinating view. Lol.
Starbucks' staff was nice enough to offer to help me charge my phone (I happened to have my charger with me. Don't ask me why.) so THUMBS UP for GREAT SERVICE!

Shortly after we left (we were already on the overhead bridge) this Thai guy ran up to us and asked to take a picture with me (I didn't know I had Thai market~~~haha). He was sitting next to our table at Starbucks. So THAT means he chased after us ALL the way to halfway across the bridge leading to Esplanade to take a picture with me! *yes yes...暗爽* Oh well...the story ends there. HAha~

Dinner (nice spicy Tom Yum soup @ Thai Express), tea, then home~
It's nice to have a seat on the train when you're travelling from Cityhall to Admiralty...I played cheat by taking down to Raffles Place first, but hey, I was so tired I wanted to guarantee a seat. N I did~ so for once, I was not grouchy on the MRT~~~~~~~~

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