Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fun学去 Imaging

For those of you who are unaware, I'm currently hosting this kids' edutainment show (as mentioned earlier) called Fun学去. Below are some pictures taken during the imaging session

This is WaWa Jie Jie (哇哇姐姐)

And my cohost is 为什么哥哥. Some of you may remember him. Yup that's Sugie 潘嗣敬. Also a Project Superstar top24 finalist, and 超级星光大道3 finalist.

Our image is damn cute la I think. I think the last time my hair was like that was when I was 3, and when I was 13 (more on that another time).

Sorry I have yet to start using Photoshop, so (sorry Sugie!) pls bear with the raw pictures for now yeah? They were taken just with my phone...

Fun Learning airs every Sunday at 10am on Channel 8. =)

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