Thursday, October 22, 2009

Becoming Gorgeous...

What I'm going to do, is probably going to spoil your wonderfully pretty image of me...but I don't care, cos you'll still love me, anyway, mmm? Stop reading here if you don't think you can take seeing me in a light other than "beautiful", ok?

 Tadah!!!!! Cute right???

Before you go -.-", I'm sure you can take some time off and appreciate that this (I'm doing a face mask by the way, for the uninitiated), coupled with sleep n a whole load of other stuff, makes for the pretty face u see most of the time. Becoming damn beautiful is hardly glamourous. Think abt shaving, or waxing, or tweezing armpit hair, and eyebrows, applying lotion n sunblock n other sticky stuff on our skin in our already hot n sticky climate (who can blame me for not really liking to go out in the day?), or sitting hours in a salon looking like this

or this

 or this

Ok SORRY QT! (I'm trying to make a point that we don't become sibei chio just like *snaps fingers* that)

Ok, point in view,
See, boys n girls! Beautiful women don't JUST happen. Tho yes, me n QT are one of the few blessed with great features~ and are sibei chio even when we look like shit.

If u need further references, just go to Xiaxue's blog. She admitted she's not pretty (n i love her for that), and stated tt she looks the way she does on her blog thanks to great makeup skill she's taken years to master and hone, and Photoshop. Even THAT took some time...learning how to use Photoshop to your advantages...

To do QT justice, here's how she looks when she's dolled up nicely, with the aid of some Photoshop

Chio right? I told u so~

Love me~ ;)

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