Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I lost my phone. On Saturday. No it's not an Iphone. It's a Samsung Jet. Left it on my bike seat when I was taking off my jacket to put in the box. And I was trying to take a shitload of stuff. Then after taking all I needed to and locking my box, I walked off. Just. Like. That. Then when I went for a friend's wedding dinner (in a car) later in the evening, I thought I had left my phone at home and didn't bring it. Towards the end of the dinner, I felt something was wrong. Don't ask me why, but I just did. And I decided to give my phone a call. Fuck. It was off.

Best part? The carpark was undergoing upgrading, so there were a LOT of bangla workers in the carpark. And you know they don't earn much. Meaning if they find a phone, no way are they going to return it. Unless I offer a monetary reward and stick the notice on the walls. (Sounds like an idea already.)

It had like 3 bars left which could last me another day, so there was no way the battery was flat. And I had phone and sim-locked the phone and card. Meaning if the person decided he felt guilty and wanted to return the phone, he couldn't turn it on to find any of my friend/mum's numbers. ARGHHH~~~~~

Please remind me to write my name and alternative contact number on the back of the battery cover if I get a new phone k? Cos I AM going to lock the phone, so it will be useless to the guy who finds it. And in case some foreign worker finds it he can't use it to call his home country using my line.

The most geck part is I lost ALL of my contacts and photos. I have been meaning to get a card reader so I could transfer my micro-SD card photos to my hard disk. And I had wanted to get it last week but it slipped my mind. Now all my filming photos and nice pictures which I took, which I had intended to blog about? ALL. GONE~~~~~~~~~~~~ 天啊~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 为什么呢要这样对我??? Take my phone, but return me my SIM card and micro-SD card~~~~~~~~~


I think I'm not going to spend money on a new phone. Shall just use my lao-pok old phone as replacement. Sigh...Swayness...

May good things come to me,

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