Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Friends - MMSP 6 Years Later

One day before my birthday, I was supposed to go for the Omy bloggers' interview, followed by a gathering with some friends whom I haven't seen in yeeeeears....

I remember meeting them 6 years ago. We were all in our before-twenties, nominated by friends (or themselves) to join this beauty pageant known as the Mr and Miss Singapore Polytechnic. We had no idea what to expect, the 12 of us. Obviously we didn't know each other right, since there's like 10000 other students .Okay maybe more...I've zero idea what the school population was. I knew before, since I was one of the executive committee members in the Students' Union, but heck, it's been 6 years....

I remember going there and knowing only this guy called Leonard. I got a sneaky suspicion my SPSU (SP Students' Union) juniors nominated me into this. Though I'd have no idea who exactly. Doesn't matter now. Thanks to him/her, I now have this cool bunch of friends. ^.^ especially Qiuting. That was how we met, and we never looked back since.

We meet up like occasionally, maybe once every 1-2 years (lol~), and this day was no exception. I was late, of course, since my interview started in the evening. But no one's food had arrived so I knew I wasn't TOO late...

Listening intently on, er, I think it was a racist or nationalitist joke. Everyone had to come up with one, and everyone did, except me. I think I'm quite lousy at this. Bleah~

Talking and laughing...
Yah I didn't get a camera for my birthday~ Oh well~~~

I think I'm better at taking camwhore pics....

Pardon the girl on the left if she looks like a ghost. She's currently into this gothic ghostly look.
And oh, she was the pageant's in-charge then. =)
And Qiuting had another blogger thing to attend, so she couldn't make it. =( 
Seriously, I was so looking forward to seeing her that day...

You know, after I arrived, I realised that I had forgotten to ask another contestant whom I have been actively msn-ing with along~! I had bever associated her with this group because we've never hung out with her before. And it was only after I got seated that I realised I forgot Terese!!!! Sorry babe!!!!! I think Raj and Leonard (the guys smsing the group) don't have your number! Next gathering jio you must come k? *apologetic* Paiseh Paiseh~~~

Suzhen with her get-up.
See what I mean? Lol~!!!

The folks surprised me with a birthday cake!!! 
I totally wasn't expecting this!!!

My first cake of the year. 
The cake was damn nice la!! It was from Four Leaves.
And I swear I've put on weight. Kns...time to diet and work out, again... =( 

You know, I really should go get Photoshop. I was watching an Omy video recently and found out this supposed very chio blogger looked so different from her pictures. And my mum was pissing me off about how I should learn to take pictures like the said blogger. *rolls eyes* I'll save this for another time...

I cut everyone a damn big piece la, considering there were only like 6 of us right?
This was what remains for me. Check out the layers. The last biscuit-y layer was the BEST man~~~

Sedap la~~~~~

I decided to bring it back for future staggered consumptions. Or I will end up looking like a ba zhang for my birthday party 3 days later...

Thanks guys! Many more gatherings to come k? And hopefully it's before anyone gets married!!! That's a scary thought!!! The fact that 6 years passed so quickly is already disturbing....


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