Thursday, June 10, 2010

Benefit Bloggers' Party cum BIRTHDAY!!!!

Benefit. I first knew of this brand when I was in San Francisco some years back. The store was like a Candy store, and everything looked fun and girly. The pretty and quirky packaging appealed to me almost immediately (I'm like that too, no? ^.^), and I bought their signature Benetint (lip and cheek stain) and High Beam (a highlighter). Thus began my affair with Benefit Cosmetics. The brand wasn't available in Singapore then so whenever I go to the States, I'd go check if they have new stuff.

I found out recently that Benetint was originally developed for a stripper to make her nipples appear more pinkish. @.@

Don't apply on your nails hor! This one's for your cheeks and lips!!!
This looks really reddish, but it creates a nice mild rosy hue on wherever you choose to apply it. And it stays!!! I used to use this when I was flying, and the blusher stayed on for 20 over hours!!! 

 This creates a nice glow on your cheeks and along the bridge of the nose. Just dab and blend.

At the Benefit Party

The signature Benefit mannequin. 

Pretty packaging

They even have skincare products like Body Balms

None of us were game enough to have our make-up removed and redone, so poor Daphne, the coordinator for this event, had to sacrifice herself...

See the difference in the left and right side of the face? The make-up demo was done only on the left side.

I had some queries, so I was being demo-ed on to help answer my questions. Because the lady said that when you use Benefit, there is no particular order which you use things. You can already have some make-up on but you can still apply their "That Gal" brightening face primer over your makeup! I was naturally not convinced right? Since putting anything over a powdered face was sure to smudge the foundation and leave the powdered areas cakey. 
This is to be used under make-up or alone, but can apparently be reapplied to brighten your complexion anytime of the day!!! Just pat on. =D

The face primer. 

I thought this was really cute. Confessions of a Concealaholic. Fans of make-up, you know we ALL are concealaholics~ ;)

After being introduced to Benefit products, we were asked to make CUPCAKES!!!!!! Okay....decorate them....

Apron was cute, but I super don't like it cos it made me look fatter than I already am!!!! *sobs*

I shall just concentrate on trying to look pretty... lol

I had absolutely no inspiration on what I intended to do, but I just got started and hoped it would get me somewhere.

This has got to be my ugliest piece of artwork. Lol. I remember coming up with not-too-bad stuff while doing "Fun Learning" (the kids' edutainment show), but this was atrocious for my standards. Oh the name of fun. Heh~

 All the Mess-ter-pieces.... My ugly cupcake's on the left. =P
The winning Cupcake belongs to Celestina. Hers is the neatest one on the top right. 

After the Cupcake session, the wonderful ladies from Benefit had a small surprise for me!

A birthday cupcake!!!!!!


This was THE official cake okay, since this was THE cake given to me on my actual birthday~ Haha~

The sweet Daphne from Benefit.

You know, this is such a girly event, but guess who I brought along with me?

It's a he. Yeah I'm damn bad for dragging him to the event, but he was sweet and nice and supportive and helped me take pictures. And nope, I haven't posted pictures of him before....

Did I mention he was sweet and nice?  =DD

Curious??? 是个帅哥哦~~~

If you ask, maybe I'll show you guys. But I'll leave you guys wanting for now... (I know, I'm damn bad right!!!!!! Muahahahahahaha!!!!!)

More on my birthday soon!!!!


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