Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vote for Me!!!!!!!!!

I'm still trying to calm down.....

*breathe in...breathe out...breathe in...breathe out....*

Thanks to Julian Lee for nominating my blog for the Best Modelling Category of sgblogawards, because this blog has been selected as one of the TOP TEN for this category!!!!!!! *hops around*

I'm so so so so happy to already be a finalist (though I really wouldn't mind winning, would anyone? =D), simply because during the nomination period, there were like a thousand over blogs, and I think under the Best Modelling Blog category, there were at least like a hundred other nominations? Maybe more? So to be selected by the panel of 9 judges as a finalist is a great honour. Thanks to the judges! *hugs one by one*

Thank you Julian (though I'm not sure which Julian you are, I'm grateful). *wipes away tears of joy* And thanks to my dearest readers, supporters, fans, friends, family, my very lovely furry Alton. Especially those of you whom I don't know, but keep coming back...thank you (macam win already ah...hahahha~)

I was kinda surprised that I didn't get into the Local Celebrity category, but after looking at the finalists, yeah I understand. 我还不够红嘛~~~~慢慢来 ok? I need more time for people to know who I am. And for now, I'm already contented to be a selected finalist in this competition. After all, I only really began blogging last October. 7 months only leh~ Some of the bloggers have been blogging for what, years? So THANK YOU!!!!!

Okay, enough of this..go to the link below, click on Best Modelling Blog category, and VOTE FOR ME NOW~~~!!!! 

p/s. Voters get to win prizes too~ =)


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