Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Birthday Wishlist

It's 1 month to my birthday!!!!!!!! (The big day's June 3rd.) Not sure if it calls for a celebration since that means I'm getting older. EEEeeekkkks!!!!

Am thinking of doing a party of sorts. Any suggestions? I'm open to them okay? Of course, if that means sponsors, I'll be more than happy to make my birthday post a SUUUUUper duper extensive one. Hiak hiak hiak~~~ *dreaming...*

Eh hem, anyway, I thought my room is full of stuff I don't really need, so I should come up with a specific birthday wishlist. This way, people can get me stuff I really really need and want! Though it's the heart that counts. =D This list is for people who have absolutely ZERO idea what to get me for my birthday. For those of you who are like making an album for me la, doing a portrait of me la, hand-making something, or doing something really sweet, please continue to do so kays? The rest of you, here's my need-want-lust list...

  1. A new laptop. Preferably an M11x or M15x. Though I would happily receive a Sony white/pink VAIO or Macbook too. ;) Just make sure that it has a built-in DVD-Rom drive. I hate having to buy extra drivers or peripherals. And that the specs are good enough for gaming. I've stopped playing games cos it never fails to hang my current laptop. Or give me the blue screen. ~.~

  2. A new camera. I went window-shopping the other day (yes, window shopping. I didn't spend anything) and saw that Sony has this thing called the Bloggie. I think it's quite cool. Then again, I would appreciate any nice camera. ^.^ Did I mention my current one is erm....10 years' old? It has served its time and I seriously think it should retire. Don't you want more pics on my blog...hmmm....? *sweet saccharine smile*
  4. An external HDD. In other words, a portable hard disk. The one given to me on my 21st birthday is now full. No, it didn't come in 500GB. It came in 40, which was VERY good then already.
  5. A Blue Snowball microphone. =D
  6. The world's first professional USB mic.
  7. An IPhone. Yes, I don't own one. Though I look like the type who would already. Times are hard you know? I don't really NEED this, though it's a nice to have item.   
  8.  Lancome Genefique. Or a good whitening serum. I've been using Dior's DNA Reversal Serum and I find that it's really good~ Same goes for the Garnier Light Series. All this biking under the hot sun has made me sensitive to the word "Whitening". Sun protection and whitening products are my much-lusted-after items at the moment.

  9. Books. I own a lot of Nicholas Sparks already, including the latest "The Last Song", so maybe other titles, like from Paula Coelho or Sophia Kinsella or Jeffrey Archer or Jodi Picoult. These are famous authors whose books I have somehow yet gotten to read. At all. Somehow. I'm proud of my Nicholas Sparks collection though.  I've been his fan ever since I was 14 when I picked up "The Notebook" at the library. That was before he became so famous okay. Shows I got good taste in books. ;) Books are really optional though, since I've quite a few unread books waiting for me on my shelf already, the more critical ones are the top 3.

  10. Something from Harrods!!!! I love little intricate stuff. Been eyeing that nice Tea for One set from Harrods for a while. The green one's nice. Haven't been there in a while so I'm not sure if they have new designs. I love my tea, so having a proper English tea set would be nice~ Don't get me the Chinese tea set okay? I already have a set of those which I DO intend to take out when my mum finally finds a place to move to (she's been talking about it for at least 6 months now...)

    Harrods Tea-for-One Set!

  11. Actually, I love furniture and homeware. Stuff like nice towels and new furniture (complete with good feng shui) make me happy. Maybe an OSIM USqueez or a petit massage sofa would be good? Yes?
  12. A liposuction package for my arms. I can't train them or they'll get big AND firm. And when I lose weight I lose them from my boobs and butt. Somehow the fat's quite happy sitting in my arm. -.-"
  13. A car. Okay I'm kidding. Cars are mad expensive so I'm happy sticking to my bike at this point in time. A full tank of petrol costs me less than $20. And I pump the green one okay? I remember when I used to drive, a full tank would cost me at least $60. Parking's cheap for bikes too. (65cents for 1 whole day leh, still not cheap? For car it's 50 cents per half hour you know? Park there for 3 hours and it's $3 already. And I'm not even looking at parking in CBD - $1 per half hour.....)
  14. A house. If you want to buy me a car I'd rather you buy me a house or a nice small apartment. Downpayment you pay for me la~ I pay the instalments myself lor....This one more worth buying leh~ Hor? Hor? Hor? Then again, if you REALLY buy me a house I might get scared and run off.
  15. Can give me money!!!! Wah this one most useful liao la~~~ Angpows are ALWAYS welcome, no matter what the occasion. =DDDDD Vouchers are an alternative (those WITHOUT a need for a minimum spending).
  16. Loads of opportunities for my career. ;) There is nothing more favourable than this. I want to be asia's Jessica Alba. Or at least Natalie Portman. I have a wish to make a name for myself in Hollywood, you know? I'm not kidding. If someone offers me a role now I'll fly over tonight.
I can't think of much else I need/want/lust after. Don't give me perfumes k? I have like 5 bottles. Not yet used. Or a container full of folded stars. Or yet another paperweight. If I remember anything else I need, I will add it to the list. So stay tuned aight? If you've bought something for me just mention the wish number in my tagboard. Like if you bought me a house, leave a note saying "I bought you #12" as "Anonymous". Or email me so I can cancel it out in this list. Except for #13. =D Prevent duplicate items ma. Aiyoh I'm so thoughtful~ Ha~

Go think about what you want to get me k? I've already lightened your load by giving you a list. Oh!!! And don't forget~ I need suggestions for my birthday party! =D


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