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Recently, I've been lucky enough to have been invited to 2 major shoe brand events by - Crocs, and Hush Puppies.

Will cover them one by one, to be fair. =)
Let's start with the first one, by Crocs.

Was first invited to have lunch over meeting to talk about the brand and our views on the marketing campaign and the products and such... You know...meetings. Lol. It was at this super nice bar/restaurant in Vivocity. You know hor, we were asked to order whatever we wanted and the only catch is that we contribute to the meeting. In the end everyone took SOOOOOOOO long looking at the menu and we just got started without ordering anything to eat!!! (other than the pre-ordered finger foods~ they probably predicted we would take hours to decide what to order...) Argh~~~~!!!! Damn~~~~ Nvm la~ Next time.... *grumbles*

Then we were brought to Crocs' fashion show. Prior to this, I had to admit, I thought Crocs only had those HUGE-front Charlie-Chaplin shoes with holes. That some idiot wore and got his feet trapped in the escalator and blamed Crocs for it. (Trust me, many of us still remember that crappy piece of news...)

I saw this at Lot 1. Which reinforces my impression that people still can't over that incident. Use Crocs shoes to demonstrate in the picture somemore...

Your feet will get stuck in the escalator no matter what shoes you wear, if you don't know how to walk, or stand properly... Wah lao wear Crocs also can get stuck, wear slippers how? -.-"

Anyway, long done and over with... Where was I? The shoes. Yah yah yah...I thought they only had those shoes, and I know they came in LOUD colours like red and orange and yellow and pink and green and purple and ...... you get the idea. And they were really comfy shoes. And and...*blush* I used to think they were really ugly. You know us girls right? Wear skirt/dress or skinny jeans, and you will rather die than be caught pairing your outfit with THOSE shoes. Until I saw their new collection...

Wah...Wedges with Crocs technology, should be very comfy....

This is Crocs????

Curious about what other designs they have? 

I'm so nice, I actually went to find pictures of the Crocs shoes so I can show you guys what else they have to offer. Before I continue, people who cannot take advertorials or product gai siaos, please leave now. No, they didn't pay me to do this, but they invited me to their event and opened my eyes to their products, so I thought I'd share with my readers, who might be as clueless as I was about this mistaken brand of shoes. =)

Let's start with (some of) the ladies' collection:

The Wedges. For the vertically-challenged. Or for those who just want that bit of elegance to go with your outfit.

In green. I quite like how it stands out. For the faint-hearted, they do come in "plainer" colours...

Yah I know this picture's colour sucks...but the shoes are brighter, like the green is actually the green in the picure on top.


Rio Women Crocspadrilles



I choose this because it comes in Silver. Lol.

Mccall Coral

The white one is nicer, but it blended into the background when I tried to upload it....

Crocband Flat

Very classic. I personally like the yellow one. Not sure what's with me and bright colours these days...maybe it's PMS. Maybe I'm getting younger.

These shoes that I have shown you above are fully waterproof, and one warning about waterproof shoes - if you have sweaty feet, the insides are going to get wet and sweaty. Except for the ones which allow your feet to 'breathe'. Though you'll be smiling like nobody's business if it rains. Which happens as and when the up-above likes here in Singapore.

Ladies Melbourne

I love this one. Looks so not Crocs-ish, I would have thought it's some other brand. This one would work if you don't like the rubbery appearance the Signature Crocs shoes have.

Melbourne Shecon

We were entitled to a free pair of Crocs shoes, and this was my pick of the entire lot! You see, I happened to be looking for a pair so I could wear when I ride. Cos my bike's a little tall for me, I have to tiptoe when I stop. This is especially so when I wear slippers or the usual flat girly shoes to ride. Then sometimes (especially when I'm behind those huge lorries), I get sand flying and hitting onto my feet, which hurts like mad!!! Trust me, at high speed, sand particles hitting onto your skin, though it doesn't really cause injuries, can make you curse and swear.

So when I knew that I could get a free pair of Crocs, I was excited to find myself a pair suitable for riding! I had wanted to find a fully waterproof one so that the shoes won't get squishy if it rains. But this one caught my eye so bad I kept walking back to the shelf it was on. 

For one, this one covers my feet. Even more so if I wear jeans. Except for the 2 small holes at the side. That doesn't really bother me. So hallelujah~~~ It solves the sandy problem!

Then, the sole has some thickness. So there is some alleviation to my tip-toe-ing. And seriously, when I wore this to ride, I felt the difference immediately when I stopped. I didn't have to tiptoe so much!!! Yay!!!

Though it's not FULLY waterproof, the sole is!!! Meaning even if it suay-suay rains when I'm riding,  only the top canvas would be wet. I could just clear the water from the soles and walk without that sick "Scheek scheek scheek" sound, and the squishy yucky feeling. Olay!!!!

Slip-on. Means not fully covered. Means my feet can breathe. Means no sweaty smelly feet. =DD

Crocs shoes are non-slip. So no more worries about wet puddles and falling, especially in shopping centre glossy-floored carparks.

I personally think it's like the nicest looking pair in the entire freaking shop. Come on. Navy classic blue. Pink trimmings. Tinge of girliness there. Nice~~~

Oh! This is the Melbourne Shecon, okay? There is another one called the Shecon. It's basically the same design, but for the Melbourne Shecon, the upper part is canvas. The Shecon's is leather.

The guys' collection is quite nice too! Not going to list the whole collection or you guys will doze off on me. Which would make me a failed blogger. Which I DON'T want. 

A few pairs caught my eye though:
Santa Cruz Men
These come in Corduroy as well, in case you don't like Canvas. 

 The Men's Melbourne Shecon!

Santa Cruz Clog

Love the laid-back feel. Pair this with berms and you'll remind me of Thomas Ong in that travellogue, no? =)

By the way, these few pairs above, including the Melbourne Shecon, belongs to the Slouch Collection. I think it's an apt name~
Cove - Men

Back to school! They call this a boating shoe, but I think it's quite nice for school or smart casual outfits.
Quicktrail Low

Part of the trail collection, nice for trekking or hiking~

Crostrail Men

Love the orange....what did I tell you about me and the recent bright colours obsession...

Singaporeans' Favourite Footwear...slippers...:
Modi Flip

Capri Canvas

Floral slipper straps are popular now, no? And I like how this slipper is slightly padded for extra (little bit of) height.

Melbourne Flip

Interesting details at the side. It's actually canvas layered between the midsole and outsole.

I think most of you already know kids love this brand (or parents love to buy Crocs for their kids), because of their bright colours and comfort level. And they DO look cute on the little ones. Here are 2 new cute ones which caught my attention:

Dora Custom Clog


Cute hor? If they came in adult sizes I just might consider buying them......Might.

Many of their shoes have these little holes right? Crocs sell jibbitz for you to decorate your shoes! You just poke the jibbitz backside thru the holes. No glue or tape or whatever materials needed. And you can just change the jibbitz when you get sick of it. Cool right????
 Here's a link to get an idea of how MANY designs of jibbitz you can have fun with!

Never knew Crocs have stuff other than the Charlie Chaplin shoes right? (They're called Crocbands, btw...)
Crocs just reopened their concept store at Vivocity, so you might want to head down to take a look. They have stores in PS, Tampines Mall and Marina Square as well.  You can view the Crocs official site here.

Am I nice or what? =) 

Mine! I call it my riding shoes now. Because of the reasons I stated above. No I'm not going to repeat them. Just scroll up, you lazy ass...

which has Alton's fur all over it... *paiseh*

The look-like-pajiao lak mor furry culprit... 

pretending to look all innocent...
But I still love him anyways...
Signing Off,

That Silver Biker Chick Girl

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