Saturday, May 1, 2010

Putting the Cap on the Head

I have to warn you that if you cannot stand camwhoring pics, you'd better get outta here like, now.

Still here? Ok you love me. Either that or you cannot resist wanting to see my pictures, Or you're just sibeh kaypo.

I was at the polyclinic the other day when I saw this...

Not sure what it is? Here's a close-up:

How come mats (pronounced as muds) like to put the cap on their heads instead of actually wearing them huh? Ok to be fair I think this guy above is Indian. Worse still, I've seen more and more young Chinese guys doing the same. -.-"

I'm sure Malays weren't taught to wear their songkoks like that what.

Nice meh? So I went to try..since so many people are wearing it like that, there must be some draw in this style of cap-fashion...

 Pardon my lao-pok camera~

I look like I have a french-twist-ala-SIA-girl-style inside my head...

The classic hairstyle of a stewardess.
Imagine a cap on her head, with this hair. That's what I'm talking about.
In case you're wondering who this elegant lady is, she's none other than Ms Janet Chew, author of the bestselling book "Mile-Hi! Club". Don't play play ah, I heard she was damn chio in her younger days as a stewardess~ =)

I've come to deduce that they've styled their hair, but want to wear a cap, and STILL have the option of removing the cap without flattening the hair. Yes? No? The cap supposedly adds to the "style". Then again, wearing berms and slippers, with a cap PLACED on top of their head is hardly my definition of style...maybe for those wearing coloured skinny jeans with sneakers, yes sneakers, not slippers, I'd still say they have some fashion sense. SOME fashion sense, I say.

Caps have come a long way from their baseball days. These days, caps are usually associated with hip hop styles, like this

or this


Else caps are extremely useful on bad hair days. Wear one on, and hey presto! Flat / super pong frizzy hair is immediately concealed and you look better instantly

Ok I know my hair still looks like shit, but more seh than this right?


 I realised 其实我戴帽子还蛮帅的嘞~~~

 Hor 有没有有没有???

Put a big pair of shades on, and voila! You don't even need makeup!!!! Good or what~ For celebs, sometimes they get away with either not getting recognized (hardly possible cos in Singapore anyone wearing cap and shades is sure to attract more attention to them than not), or getting SUPER recognized, but that's okay cos it adds star factor, minus the hassle of putting make-up on. Woot~~~~! (I think I'll start wearing caps more often...hiak hiak~)

Can someone please, if they see people putting caps on their heads, push down the caps for them? Goodness knows if people will start putting other things on their heads in time to come, in the name of 'fashion'....



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