Friday, May 21, 2010

Shrek - Forever After Movie Premiere

Once again, thanks to, I was invited to the movie premiere of the much-awaited animation:

In 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The show's also known as Shrek The Final Chapter.

Initially I thought they were like 2 separate sequels, and I got happy for a while cos that means more of the green ogre. But I just found out they're the same thing, just with different movie titles. Guess they HAD to let people know it's the final installment of the much-loved Shrek series...

Then again,  maybe it won't really be the final installment....
(I just found out there is a spin-off movie "Puss in Boots: The Story of an Ogre Killer" due for release in 2011!!!)

Oh, did you know the movie was based on a picture book by William Steig known as "Shrek!". Trivia. Just in case your little one wants to read it. =D

It's been 9 years since the release of Shrek, and honestly, when it first came out, the only reason why I watched it was because Cameron Diaz was the voice of Princess Fiona (for those who don't know who Princess Fiona is, you'd better come down from the mountains soon).

I've been her fan since her hot appearance in The Mask in 1994, when she was just 20.

 Her memorable entrance scene from The Mask where she came in drenched in a clinging body-hugging red dress, which got the whole world interested: Whoa....Who's that hot babe?

 With a hot body and a face like that, how not to love? 

*Suddenly inspired to tone up, only thing I can't work on are those boobs. Damn those boobs...*

Because green ugly things known as ogres, with weird protrusion as ears (they're apparently horns), do not appeal to me.
But hot pretty confident babes do (especially if their figures are as woooOOOOO~~~ as Cameron's). =DD

But I've since fallen in love with the green ugly monster. Yes they call it an ogre. But I didn't even know this term exists before Shrek came along. There probably wasn't such a word. And I have never failed to watch every single sequel that came after.

In this supposed final chapter, Shrek got tired of the happy-ever-after he has with Fiona and his 3 kids and Donkey and Puss, and yearns for the good-ol' days when he was feared and he could do anything he pleased, and the days when his roar terrorized people. He met Rumpelstiltskin, and trades in a day from his past - for a day when he would still be feared. Then....

Then all the drama began la~~~ I tell you so much later you say I spoil your fun right? So I shall stop telling you stuff about the show. Here's the trailer:

The all-time favourite 可怜猫 look...
He's no longer the cute lean cat...

He's FAT NOW!!!!

Ahahahahahah!!! Cute!!!!

My favourite's still Donkey. You will love him if you can understand his very-fast Black English.
I think Eddie Murphy really did a great job of bringing this character to life.

Guess who I met at the preview?

Shrek himself!!! What a nice surprise!!!!

You know, being a mascot can make you feel like a celebrity. When EVERYONE is sure to look at you and wants to take a picture with you. For those attention or fame seekers, I'm sure being a mascot is a great way to fulfil the attention cravings. Plus points: you don't need to style your hair, put make-up on, have flawless porcelain skin, or a super toned body. No one would mind if you're ugly. Plus, you don't even need to smile or make eye contact at anyone, and no one would say you are dao (proud). How convenient~!

p/s. I heard mascots get paid really well.....

My free tickets! Thank you Omy!!!!

I got another surprise when I went into the theatre...

Cereal goodie bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was either Cheerios or Kellogg's Honey Stars. I think. 
I should have gone looking at the other seats if they have the Milo or Koko Crunch. I prefer those 2 but both me and my movie buddy got the Honey Stars instead.
But each pack of cereal contains a Shrek bag tag!!! Ha! (Comes in 4 different designs for those collecting Shrek items!)

The Cathay Grand cinema (Hall1) was soooo huge that it goes all the way to row V. ROW V!!!! And mind you, each row has like, what, 30 seats? Mad humongous theatre... I was so in awe that I forgot to take pictures of this one. But if you DO have a chance to go watch a movie there, choose somewhere in between. If you wanna catch a 3D show, my advice is not to sit too far behind so you can feel its real-ness. For this theatre, my row S suited me great. Best is like row P or Q. =)

Huixian is my movie buddy again!!!

Okay, the 3D effects in this show were mild. I doubt it would really affect much if you watched the normal version. Those who watch 3D and get dizzy easily can go watch the normal one without feeling dui when someone comes and tells you the 3D one is SOOOOOOOOO nice. Cos really, it's not like Avatar where the difference is SOOOOOOOOOO huge (Trust me, Avatar is one show you MUST watch in 3D). 

But of course, if you are a 3D-animation fan, then go for it! =D

You can go to the Shrek Official Site to download wallpapers, play games, watch the making-of trailer, read about the character..yada yada...

This installment of Shrek is darker than the first 3, and isn't really AS funny. But I did laugh a lot, and the ending moved me to tears, though I tear easily...*mutters* 

A good show nevertheless. It's in the cinemas already, so go on, bring your friends / other half / parents / nieces&nephews / cousins / kids and enjoy this supposed final chapter of Shrek~


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