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I got a whole lot of stuff making my mood really foul today so expect to sit here with popcorns.

Be warned that this post contains foul language and lots of swearing. As previewed on the first line.

I'm super jizzed and pissed off because my laptop gave me the stupid blue screen for the 1346583473957th time. AKA = It crashed. And mind you, this is a SONY VAIO. The super lightweight and flat one.

 The famed TZ26

I got it like, end 2007 and mind you, it has been crashing like that (and I have been VERY tolerant) since mid 2008. I know I should have gotten it fixed then but what difference would it make since other than crashing as and when it likes, it serves its purpose well. Never mind that it takes like 10 minutes to start up (the SONY guys said it's normal for this series), and they tell me it's their HERO series - meaning it's their star product.

Wah lan eh, for those who have followed my blog, you would know I sent it in some months back right? And they took like 2 months to follow up with me, only to tell me they didn't encounter any blue screen while working on my laptop.

Fuck la.

You IT geniuses should know that the stupid blue screen only appears when we are midway through our tasks right? You don't just periodically on my laptop (I seriously think they only switched it on like, 3-4 times throughout the 2 months my laptop was there), attempt to fix it, and expect to see the blue screen appear what. *rolls eyes*

When I FINALLY got the call from them after like, 2 months (they said they'll call me once it's done), they told me they've been trying to contact me for a very long time. Hello? People don't have to work is it? You guys call like at 10am or 2pm in-the-middle-of-the-work-day timings. And you guys don't leave a msg despite me having a voice mail system which I pay for every month. For your information, my work requires me to silence my phone throughout. Because we do 'live' voice recordings. Yah for those who still live in the 1980s, dubbing is no longer done, unless your speech / voice really sucks, or if they need to change the lines after shoot.

And when I DO see a missed call, if it's an unknown number and the fella only called like, once, I would immediately assume someone dialled the wrong number, or it's a prank call, or that it should be some matters of inconsequence. I won't bother calling back to have someone talk to me in Tamil or tell me "No leh, nobody called you", or worse still, end up calling some bank salesperson back who was trying to call me to "take advantage of this offer" for a bank loan or insurance or whatever shit they want to earn commission from my already very poor account. They probably still think I'm flying, or they think I earn big bucks just because I'm Silver Ang, or they were just trying their luck to cheat people of their money and tell them "You can always consider another insurance plan to protect your card / bank account / house / cat / dog / whatever".

Anyway, I went and checked my missed-call history, and that same number only appeared like 3 times in the 2 months lor! And they call this "trying to contact" me? I seriously remembering leaving other particulars like address or email other than my phone number. Apparently they only use the easiest method - calling, then couldn't be bothered since they've already protected their arses by telling me "they'll call once it's ready".


Then guess what they told me. They said they couldn't find the problem and suggested that I change a new hard disk if the blue screen still irritates me. Wah lao if it didn't irritate me I wouldn't be sending it in right???? It has irritated me for a whole freaking year! And AND AND!!! Just when I thought they were at least nice to offer me a free change of hard disk, I was badly mistaken. It would set me back $600.

Okay before I continue this lengthy wordy post, let me illustrate my emotions so your eyes can rest for a while k...

Before everything started pissing me off, I probably looked like this.

This is probably how I look now. Or worse. I refuse to take a picture like right now because I'm damn sure I look super dulan.

Back to the SONY technicians.

Please just do system recovery for me, thank you.

I might as well buy a new lappie right? It's 2 and a 1/2 years old. (I personally still think it's not considered old...) So I just told them to do system recovery for me. Which worked fine and only crashed once during its first month home. Then it started the blue-screen-crash-auto-reboot lapdance thing on me all over again.

And I've been seeing this message A LOT...

I've seen this message since 2008, and no, they've never notified me of any solutions found.

And Alton had to go and knock my laptop off the bed when he jumped onto the bed to kuay sio with me. I know, it's an accident and I cannot blame him. Who ask me not to have a proper desk in my room, right? But yah, I don't have one, so the laptop gets used, you got it, either on my bed, or on my lap.

The consequence of that is that the laptop flap split open. And it has since refused to go back shut properly.

This is how it looks like now...

 The split laptop screen/flap cover

And the "R" has fallen off. And I can't put it back in. It usually can be snapped right back into the slot right? The catch probably snapped. So the "R" is just resting on the slot, not in it...

I'm not being greedy when I said that I want a new laptop for my birthday, right?


My nose has been irritating me since waking up to do a marathon which is currently still ongoing. At the rate I'm blowing my nose, I'm killing the trees and the epidermis layer on my nose.

I've got this throbbing headache that has been bugging me for days...

Like, I would wake up, then start to do something, like play farmville / reply emails / play wii / read / whatever, then the throbbing would start, usually after like 30-90min. Then I would need to crawl back onto the bed to lie down for a bit, before I could do anything else. Otherwise, I would get serious nausea and feel like throwing up the rest of the day. I felt slightly better after a 10-15minutes Thai head massage I tried at Jurong Point the other day. But it came back the next morning. Runny nose + throbbing head = You do the maths...

p/s. not fun.

Someone please tell me I don't have a tumour in my head. I've not gone for a medical check up in years (6 years, actually.) Been telling myself I should, but seriously, I don't really have $400 to spare. You know I've just come back into the media industry last September. You've seen me on tv and all. What you probably think is that I'm earning big bucks. Like, $5k a month or something.

Let me tell you this. I don't.

At least for now I don't. I barely earn enough to cover my insurance and mummy's allowance. I've owed her a few months' allowances (4?) and have only paid her 2 months' after I got my paycheck in April. End March, I remembered trying to withdraw $20 and couldn't. Because I had less than that. I can't believe that I'm telling you guys these because it's so personal.

No, I won't take money from my mum. I've stopped doing that since I was 18 and I won't start now that I'm supposedly financially independent. I mean, I'm getting more assignments now, and yes, soon I might be getting in the bucks soon, but not now, Not YET. =) What happened to the money I earned when I flying, you may ask? I bought a bike. Prior to that, blame poor money management and cab fares to and from work. (Try $50 per day on cab alone.) But you can't really blame me. 7am shoots. It takes me 1.5 hours by public transport to get from Woodlands to Mediacorp / Wawa office. I'm not a morning person, and it's not my fault I was never a morning person. Some people are more productive in the mornings. I happen to get a lot of blogging / script reading / work done in the dead of the night. When the air is cooler.

Which brings me to my next point. My whole house. The air-con. Is spoilt. Not working. Rosak. 壞了。My mum's room's air con can't be switched on. My sis' room's can, but it drips. Mine, classic - I can ONLY switch it on and off. I can't adjust the temperature, or the swing louvre, or anything else. And it feels like a constant 26 degrees celsius. Which would go up to 28 or 29 in the afternoons. All but ONE aircon remote control is working, and that's the one which can only switch my aircon on/off. I'm currently perspiring while sitting in my air-conditioned room blogging. And I already have the fan on as well, blowing straight at me.

Actually I believe I'm super grouchy because of the temperature inside and outside my room / house.  Inside - hot and stuffy. Outside - hot and too sunny. Plus humid.

When I still had the money (having freshly quit SQ), I had wanted to change the air-conditioning system in my home. It has, after all, been with us since we moved in 15 years ago. But Mummy refused. She said the piping went behind all the wardrobes, and changing the air-con would mean having to MOVE the FREAKING heavy wardrobes, heaven forbid!!!! And "anyway, 这间屋子我會賣掉了". That was in September 09. It's May 2010, and I'm still here in this room. Sigh....I should count myself lucky that my aircon has yet to break down completely on me. Someone help my mum find a nice decent place around Bt. Batok / Gombak / CCK / Yew Tee can? If I'm not wrong, she's looking for a place in these areas. And she doesn't like low ceilings like the ones she saw in CCK. (I haven't seen any of them, but she claimed those new CCK HDBs have ceilings too low for her liking.)

I still think we should do something to the house before attempting to sell it. After all, the master bedroom toilet bowl is no longer working, the master bedroom wash sink is leaking, the air-conditioning really cannot make it, and I really need more storage space than a wardrobe and a chest of 3 drawers.... (I'm a girl, hello!!!)

Back to the topic of money.

Here I'm getting really angry so if you guys cannot stand vulgarities and other obscene swearing you'd better get out. Now. If you want to read on don't leave stupid comments that I should watch my language or that I should not name people. Because you are not me and you have no fucking idea how pissed off I am about the following issue.

Okay I thought about this for quite a while before deciding to explode and exploit people on my blog. But I've waited long enough and since some people just buay zi dong, I shall come hard on them.

If someone knows my ex-boyfriend - the cabin crew guy, or his mother - Madam Lee Lai Fong, aka Sandra, kindly remind them, especially the mother, that they still owe me money. I want my $1000 and $11,000 back, respectively. I was financially okay before and didn't need to chase it back. Now, because I've yet to become a famous SUPERSTAR and so I don't earn much and local stars don't earn like the Hollywood/Hong Kong stars do anyway, and I still want to live my live without the bank or the insurance company chasing me for payments,


The mother who doesn't stay with you guys since you were 12, I don't care where she is, she'd better stop avoiding my calls and call me on her own to arrange for payment, if she has any self-respect left. Though I highly doubt so. She can pay by installments, I don't care. But it's wrong to take advantage of my respect for my then-boyfriend's mother to borrow money and NOT return. It has been 2 years, and if I don't hear from you soon, you will be sorry. I mean it. The Chinese say you have to clear all debts before 大年初一, otherwise ppl will suay. KNN you made me suay for 2 years liao hor, not enough ah?

And don't tell me I don't have the right to sell the car now because I haven't been paying the installments, the car AND the car loan is under my freaking name. I'm putting my credit record with the bank at stake, and you've only been paying for what you've been using. Use one month, pay 1 month, use petrol, pay petrol, season parking, okay you get the picture. And you don't tell me I can call you to settle this. You had the money to buy a new bag and a Blackberry or something, and go Bali with your friends and go drinking, but you don't have money to return the 1k you still owe me? And what did you tell me when you said you will owe me 1k first? You said you are taking your part-time stupid degree and need to pay school fees.


Nabeh one month earn $5-6k don't have $1k to return me huh? Or at least have the courtesy to help your mum pay off some of her debts then collect from her yourself la! Don't be like you mum. I really don't want to have anything more to do with you guys. Really. Just settle the debts, and maybe I can forget about selling the car and do the transfer of ownership.

By the way, if anyone by the name of Lee Lai Fong, or Sandra, approaches any of you to do business with her, don't. I'm warning you now, don't. It's not the first time she has run off with people's money (according to the ex-boyfriend), and don't be the next victim. I remember she was doing hair and facial-related products. Her brand's Sanz and she claims she's doing her business in China, though I'm not sure if it still exists, or exists at all. She sometimes carry other products too. I'm sure she will stay in this industry since it's an industry she's familiar with. She used to have a salon in Yishun, Chong Pang area. I'm telling you her profile so it serves as a warning to you, girls especially.

Just be careful, yah?

Count them suay I'm in such a bad mood. Thanks to the laptop that sparked it all off.


That Silver Girl.

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