Tuesday, August 17, 2010

That New Milly's Girl

Guess who's the new Milly's girl???? Yeah okay if you follow Qiu's blog you'll know already. Tcch, no fun~

Yah la it's me!!!!!!!! Some of you know I personally have a Diploma in Nail Technology, but hey, ownself do ah, right hand do left hand is okay, but when it comes to having to use the left hand to do the right hand, cmi. Can la~ just takes like twice the time. So I jumped at the chance to be Milly's new model! Yay!

They have 2 outlets, one in Far East Plaza, and the other in Bugis Street.
I went to the Bugis outlet~

Simple but very Victorian decor... 

Eh you guys know hor, Milly (THE boss) is only 26 this year leh! Milly's opened 2years ago so that means she started the business when she was 24!!! WTH what am I doing with my life??!!!

 This is Gina...

At times like these, I really hate my camera for its non-existent low-light function...
Pictures always come out crappy in low/yellow light!

 But you can see the design's really cute! Got flowers, heart, cherries....

Now for my hands. Because I'm still in the midst of a drama shoot, I can't do green/black/red/purple/blue nails...in other words, colours which are too loud... But I love 夸张 and bling...


This are gel extensions, and it was painstakingly but lovingly done by Gina (the sculpture and the painting) and Tina (the flower painting, flower sculpture and the deco). There were too many designs from the magazine to choose from so I let them choose for me! This design was chosen by Tina! 有眼光!

Super loving my elegant pretty nails!

Gina! I didn't have a chance to steal a pic with Tina as she was busy helping ppl do hair extensions that day! Yeah, Milly's does Nails, Eyelash Extensions and Hair Extensions~!!!! 

You can go check out Milly's on their Facebook page!

For Appointmemt, pls call 83835395
Far East Plaza # 03-129 === > 6737 6723
Bugis #3,4 & 5 ===> 63384137

That Pretty Silver Girl

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