Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crossing Local Tv Stations

I started appearing on your tv screens on Channel U 5 years ago in "Project Superstar".

So young. So raw.

See how a competition can change a person's image?

Then I started acting on Channel 8, and hosted some programmes as well on the 2 channels.

 That's me with the pink pants!

And then I stopped entertainment altogether and went to see the world for 3 years. For those not familiar with my history, I just returned to the entertainment scene last September as 哇哇姐姐 on Channel 8's 《Fun学去!》

Sometime in May this year, the Malay community started seeing me on Suria in "U.M.M.I".

 With my onscreen husband, Junaidi

and onscreen daughter, Adlina

Guess what? I'm gonna be on Vasantham! Tell you more on that later. Went for imaging today, and I looked quite pretty in Indian costume! Lol~ Will post up pictures as soon as possible yeah?

Now I just need a Channel 5 stint, as well as a show on Okto to complete my record on local tv stations. Next year maybe National Day song I can sing leh! *delusional* Okay better not...very stressful, whole nation watching, zao sia damn lao kui....
I could do with being an ambassador for Racial Harmony and Adaptability. Sounds good?


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