Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm SOOOOO Going (BACK) to Swensen's!!!

Ice cream fans!!!! You're in for a treat!!! Not very long ago, I discovered Sensen's SAVOURY ice cream!!!!! *screams!!!!*

Savoury, you ask? Yes. Savoury. Giam giam. Not sweet. I personally don't really like too-sweet stuff, and don't eat sweets. I don't dig cakes, brownies, and desserts of the like. Generally I'm more of a traditional local desserts person. Think 白果腐竹薏米, pulut hitam, orh ni...okay orh ni was probably the ONLY jelat dessert that I'm a fan of. I remember waiting for it EVERY TIME I attend a wedding dinner. If it's not orh ni when the dessert comes, "Okay everyone, we'll catch up soon! *whispers* Don't wanna get jammed up in the carpark later~". Lol~ 现实啦!I know!!!

Anyways~ *waves imperviously*, I got invited to the Swensen's at Ion to try out their new Savoury Ice Cream flavours! This was a collaboration between Nanyang Polytechnic's Scool of Chemical and Life Sciences, and Swensen's. They co-organized this "NYP-Swensen's Eskimo's Battle", which was a competition for secondary school students to come up with their own ice cream flavours, and is already in its second year running! This competition was set up to create awareness of NYP's Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition, and I must say, I think it worked pretty well!

Needless to say, this year, the theme given was "Savoury". Finalist from 8 secondary schools battled it out, and the top 3 were as follows:

  • 1st: Yuying Sec - Seaweed Ice Cream (This I must try! I love seaweed!)
  • 2nd: Northbrooks Sec - Spicy Cheesy Pumpkin (Hard to imagine....)
  • 3rd: Broadrick Sec - Carrot Cake (Like, the ang mor type carrot cake, or the cai tao guei???)

Swensen's selected 5 flavours from the finalists' recipes, and launched them last month. Cool or what? Imagine you're just a secondary school student, and you can tell EVERYONE you know "哦,我的 ice cream 啊?你去Swensen's 就有了咯." WOOT!!!!!

If you want your creation there as well, just join the next Eskimos' Battle! Who knows, your flavour may be a permanent fixture in Swensen's!!!!

The flavours are -
  • Seaweed from Yuying Sec
  • Cinnamon Walnut from erm...no info on this
  • Peanut Butter Caramel from Queenstown Sec
  • Salted Cornflakes from Canberra Sec
  • Sour Cream and Chives from Yuying Sec (yes, them again!!!)
 Swensen's came up with 2 of their own savoury flavours as well!!!

They taste just like the soup versions!!!! Tad too salty when you first put it into your mouth, but pair them with the croutons or garlic bread and the combination is just sedaaaaap~~~

I had a super hard time finding Swensen's at Ion though, because it was like outside the main shopping area, behind a pillar. -.-" I circled the whole of Ion basement 1 around Lobby B area (they told me it's near Lobby B) twice before asking this Standard Chartered guy at his booth. It was just opposite him WTH~ BEHIND the pillar. And the entrance was still like, under construction or something, cos that part of Ion seems unfinished. Oh well, now you guys know.

Seemingly unassuming.

When I was told Swensen's Ion has a Ice Cream and Dessert Buffet, I was like "A what??? I gotta see this!!!"

Upon closer observation, this was what I found...

First, there are pies and cakes...

Then there's a HUGE chocolate fondue corner....

Complete with plenty of strawberries and marshmallows!

Next, they have over 50 flavours of ice cream to choose and binge from! Heeck, they even have Gelato!!!! Since when Swensen's have Gelato!!!! OMG!!!!! 

If you're wondering why I'm so excited over the gelato thing, it's because I used to work at Venezia, this FANTASTIC  ice cream place. More on that another time!

These 2....die die must try....h.e.a.v.e.n.l.y....
There's Durian flavoured ice cream and durian gelato. TAKE THE GELATO. It is REALLY D24 taste!!!! 
Or compare both, and you'll see what I mean...

 All the savoury flavours are available in all swensen's outlets in small tubs, but at Swensen's Ion, you get to have it in scoops from the buffet spread!

There are biscuits, toasted garlic bread, and croutons to go with savoury flavours!!!

Fresh fruits to go with the sweet flavours!

A huge variety of toppings to choose from...including Attap Chee!!!

You can have brownies, bread and cookies to go with your ice cream too!!!

Wait wait wait!!!

OMG!!! This reminds me of the Ah Pek selling ice cream outside my school with his bicycle, or do you call it a tricycle or trishaw??? You know what I'm talking about right?

There's a Chop Shop!!!

Then you'll get your ice cream with crunchy bits like Oreo inside!!!! YUM!!!!! 

 I want to blend the Milo with something....and the Nestle Crunch~~~Ooooo~~~

Even Swensen's all-time favourites, the pancakes and waffles, are included in the buffet!!! Damn wu hua man~~~

These are the mini tubs which you can get from all swensen's outlets! I honestly REALLY prefer eating them in scoops from the buffet! You get to try them ALL at one price ma!!! Cheaper leh!!!! And you get to eat them with these:

 The all-you-can-eat ice cream buffet is priced at S$18.90 ++ only!!! You can sit there from morning till it closes, and you're entitled to EVERYTHING in the buffet spread!!!!! I was looking through their ala-carte menu and I wonder why on earth would people still want to order the Earthquake which is priced at $19.90++ for 8 scoops with 8 toppings. Why huh? S$1 less and you can have 50+ scoops with unlimited amount of toppings leh~

Can eat until you vomit lor....
Then eat again... MUAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

Surprisingly, the lady doing the marketing for Swensen's told me people STILL come for the Earthquake. For that dry ice smoky effect I guess...*shrugs*

I discovered this as well:

Swensen's is proud to say that they are the ONLY place in Singapore to sell Halal-certified Wagyu Beef. Muslims rejoice!!!!!! You can FINALLY get to taste what all the hype about this wagyu is!!!!

They specially catered to the kids with the burger, and senior citizens with the rice! (The beef is softer!)  How thoughtful!!!

I'm sure some of you have not stepped into Swensen's for some time. (I'm guilty of it...I've always associated it with a place where I get treated to on special occasions as a kid.) Now I'm sure that connotation has changed somehow...Swensen's has evolved from the days I remember it...*emo*

Anyway, *snaps out of it*, *waves hand imperviously, again*

Swensen's is having a lunchtime 1-for-1 promotion now as well!!!! Weekdays from 11am to 2pm, as long as the 2nd meal ordered is of equal or lower value than the 1st, it's free!!!!!!! With this and the great new ice cream flavours, plus the ice cream and dessert buffet at Ion, do you STILL need more reasons to SO go to Swensen's again?

I don't.

I went alone for the tasting so there was no way I could try EVERYTHING. I'm so going there for my next gathering of sorts!!!

I'm SOOOO going back to Swensen's!!!!!

That Silver Girl

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