Tuesday, October 25, 2011

VJ-ing on LiveoMusic!!!!!

YO!!! I'm going to be the guest VJ on LiveoMusic.com tomorrow night!

And it's LIVE! You guys can tune in tomorrow and send SMSes to 

1. ask me and Mint questions or 
2. respond to the things we say or 
3. just kajiao us. 


If you haven't heard of LiveoMusic, it's okay. It's because it's new. It's  
Asia's First "Live" Video Station!

It's somewhat like a radio station, except that other than playing songs for you guys, you get to see us "Live"in the studio each time the show airs. Radio stations have done it, but here at LiveoMusic, it's not an option, it's A MUST-DO for you to actually tune in. 

You'll get to see all the weird things we do as the songs are playing, or catch little habits we have, if anyone likes twirling with their hair or biting their lips or something. You'll get to see the clothes we wear, our ugly and pretty faces, and yeah, all that. Interesting?

I've never VJ-ed in my entire life, and vlogging doesn't exactly count because we can still edit vlogs. LIVE means once you do stupid things, it becomes eternal and recorded for all to see. O.O *bites my newly done Halloween extension nails*

Okay here's the thing - tune in on Wednesday, Deepavali night, at (GMT+8 time) 8pm, and click on "WATCH LIVE NOW", as shown here on their homepage:

I'm on their Live show "WuSuoBuTan". Give me and Mint your fullest support! I want to see you guys there alright? ;)

8pm sharp, at LiveoMusic.com, 'LIVE" on WuSuoBuTan!!!!

And remember, you guys can interact with us!

Happy Deepavali! ;)

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