Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Most Important Dress In Your Life

That crazily-tight, corseted, super-padded-insewn-bra, possibly ridiculously long-trained gown.
It has to be THE wedding dress.

Sometime ago I mentioned I did a bridal photoshoot...

 Remember this picture? It was my blog banner some time back. =)

No I don't have such skinny legs. Was supposed to have if I have gone for the liposuction procedure that Dr Jonathan Lee was going to sponsor before my then-artiste-management company halted the whole process with the "You cannot do this kind of thing publicly because you are an ARTISTE, what more a KIDS' SHOW HOST!" theory. Means want to do also must do in private. 

Yes of course I understand where they are coming from, but still...it was something I had promised Qiu I would do together with her boob job, and something I really really wanted. And here was my opportunity to get it done sponsored for educational purposes (we had wanted it to be a sharing process for viewers and readers who have been considering the procedure), as well as the fact that it would lessen my stress levels each time I go for fitting for whatever new shows that comes. Killing 2 birds with one stone, why not?!
Okay okay, because in Singapore, people can still be quite conservative and reprimanding towards artistes who portray the "wrong image" as we are supposedly role models. 

Conflicts and contradictions abound!

But knowing the local TV and entertainment scene and how "handsomely paid" we are (hur hur hur), even if I wanted to do it in private, it will take me a loooong time to save up for the procedures. Especially since I am not the kind who is fat in just one area. My fat deposition is kinda even, except on my face. So everywhere it's a bit fat here, a bit fleshy there, just not enough for people to go  "WAH LAO SHE GOT DAMN FAT LEGS CAN!!!"

Don't really want to spoil the dress, so the photographer Derrick Ong has done some onscreen-liposuction for me. Lol~ Yes, that art we call PhotoShop, which I have yet to go pick up. 

By the way, yes, Derrick is that famous wedding photographer who has won numerous awards for wedding photography. Go check out his site for his works. Who knows when you'll need his service? *wink*

The following pictures require a lot of courage to post up, and by doing so I know I am subjecting myself to harsh remarks and comments by flamers from EDMW and random haters who will just smirk at me. But I'm not here to lie, I'm not skinny.  And this blog is essentially, Silver Ang, As Is.

And I have been trying to keep my weight down for as long as I can remember, in case you think I'm some lazy arse who just overeats too often and refuses to move. I try okay..god knows how long I have been trying...

This is the reason I don't really dare wear short skirts. Because though my legs are not hunomongous, they aren't what would turn people on either. Short and stubby. Maybe DSLR cameras don't like me. My self-taken pictures were NEVER this fat....

Gosh...I've always admired girls like Qiuting and Geck Geck for being skinny and having skinny legs, because it was something I never, ever, in my entire lifetime, had. I tried dieting, exercising, been on all kinds of weight-loss pills, but the only things that would go are
  1. My boobs
  2. My face
  3. My tummy

My arms and legs, LIMBS, just wouldn't become skinny. (I actually cried for a few days when I was told I couldn't do the procedure back then, because I was so looking forward to what could have been done for me.)

Anyway, till the day I figure out how to lose those inches off my arms and legs, I shall rely on long dresses (THANK GOD they're in fashion), and jeans. Oh, and the expertise of those skilled in the art of PhotoShopping. 

Anyway, back to the gowns. As I was saying, I'll want to do justice to the gowns/dresses, so I'll only pick those pictures where I don't look fat, or have been lovingly edited by Derrick Ong at 2am that night after the shoot. =)

When I have enough spare cash again the first thing I will fix are those legs. Lol~
Eh it's A LOT of difference okay!

The gown, by the way, belonged to Joanna's customer. The train is fully detachable so you have an option of whether to keep it or not. <3

All gowns are from JV Bridal Gowns.You know how wedding gown rental can sometimes go up to $2-5k? And should you want to BUY that gown it would cost you a good $8-10k. JV Bridal has a huge range of quality gowns you can choose from. Or, if you'd like, they can custom-make gowns for you at a fraction of the price. Saw a Vera Wang gown but could never afford it? Show JV Bridal pictures of what you want, and chances are, they will be able to replicate one specially for you. 
And yes, you get to keep the gowns, most of them for less than $1000 a piece. Cheaper than rental, don't you think?

That's me with the other model Alina, and Joanna, the mastermind behind JV Bridal. Time to watch me transform~~~ 
P.s Makeup and hair (eh I was told when I got there I had to do my own hair okay, and I didn't have ANYTHING other than a couple of pins and a rubber band. Lol~) done by Yours Truly (aka myself)

I am lucky to have a naturally sharp face, though to the professional eye, that face could go smaller, especially since I am in entertainment. 
Ah~ The continuous quest for improved beauty~

 One more shot before we head out for our shoot!

 Derrick working his magic on Alina and the gown.

While I wait and snap away from behind him...

 Joanna told me this dress was going for about $800. Can you believe it?

When I get married years down the road, I'll definitely order my dress from her! (Hey, weddings are expensive okay...if I can save $1000, that's about the price of a wedding banquet table!)

 The quality of the dresses and the embellishments are really good, and comparable to those you would get from the bridal shops.

 All these obviously self-taken shots were not photoshopped la of course, because I don't know how. Only those that Derrick took were. I think DSLRs have the ability to "maximise my potential". LOL!

Long dress good~ ^.^

Another dress worn by Alina:

The details at the back make this seemingly conservative gown quietly sexy. 

 I've received countless emails asking me about the short dress I was wearing on my blog banner...yes, the very dress in that very first picture in this post... (ignore my legs)

The dress is short, flirty, and playful, and I think it would make for a very cute ROM dress, you think? 

So now you know. JV Bridal Gowns --> http://www.jvbridalgowns.com

Visit their website for the amazing range of beautiful gowns. We want to wear the most beautiful gowns on our wedding, and now we can without worrying about how much they will cost us. ^.^

Special thanks to Joanna for having me onboard as one of her models. 

Gowns/Dresses by JV Bridal Gowns.
Professional Photography by Derrick Ong.

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