Monday, October 17, 2011

My Son is 6!

I can't believe I have NOT blogged about this!!! And it's more than a month overdue! 

Yes, Alton is now 6 years old, so that makes him 42-human-equivalent. Hitting mid-life crisis.

More like the Mummy is hitting mid-life crisis...I keep thinking about how fast it is that he is now 6 when not so long ago he looked like this:

Now he looks like this:

 Got become ah pek or not. Lol~

Okay la he can look quite cute one
We have our days when we look chao nua and off-form, and days when we look good. So does Alton.

Anyway his birthday was not as happening as last year's, because we had other people also celebrating his birthday together with me (won't mention who now...bleah~). Last year he had durian cake and party hats and all...this year Mummy wasn't able to recreate that atmosphere...sorry baby~ If I could I'd make it up to you HUGE next year okay? Mummy loves you...

 His birthday present this year. Last year I bought him a bed...

 Yup..this bed...which he was sitting on with his this year's present. =D


Then I call out  "ALTON~~~~"

 And he looked up, with a "Mmmm? Yes Mummy?" face...all innocent~~~

Once he realized that Mummy 叫爽的, he continued with the rabbit ears...

In case you wonder, I do feed my dog. With healthy dog kibble. Am contemplating a barf diet for him next year on, or put him back on chicken to fatten him up. He's a tad too skinny, and will go on occasional diets and fasts on his own. -.-"

His birthday coincides very closely with this year's Mid Autumn Festival. So I bought these 2 lanterns as Bday/Mid-Autumn decorations.

That's his version of the 三条线 .
Eh money what...decorate Mid Autumn with your birthday~ 
This year your Mummy is on a tight budget.

 Tight until have to eat Breadtalk cheesecake. 
But ah~ cheese happens to be Alton's favourite~ I taught him how to "Sit" in 20 minutes with cheese when he was 2 months old okay... ^.^

Now he "Sit"s perfectly. 

 See? He can sit obediently without standing up to lick the cake. 有矜持的男人~ 我喜欢~ 

 还会 act cute. A handsome man with self-discipline, and knows how to act cute. What is there not to love?
世界上有没有这种男人吓?不是男狗喉~ 男! 有吗?快点送上门来~~~

Got self-discipline and self-control, and you will be handsomely rewarded with 好东西吃噢 (no pun there? Lol~)

Eh hem~

 No more! Mummy~~~ *puppy (cataracted) eyes*

 Just to confirm really no more...

"Shit...really no more meh..."

"Stare hard and it will appear~~~"

Alton, thank you for walking these past 6 years with me...
Mummy will be walking the rest of your life with you okay? *hugs*


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