Friday, October 21, 2011

That Biker Chick @ Queen's Flea!!! (September)

 Did you miss our flea last month at Queensway? Almost all my helmet designs were on display!!

 Of course due to the lack of table space not all the colours of each model were displayed.

 My companion for the day....remember this fan? It was from Marks & Spencer.

 And companion number 2 - Chirpy Mint Mint!!!

She's my godsis. If you don't know her yet, she's also a fellow blogger and singer. She recently went on a trip to Nikoi Island OMG!! Heard so much about the place! It's a private island can~~~ (Was supposed to go with her but I had work commitments T.T) All I could do was read about it on her blog....*cries*)

Anyways, I'll be her guest host on this coming Weds! Stay tuned for updates!

And one more companion! Helmet girl Huixian in my green Adidas jacket. This one is my REAL flesh and blood sister~ (Sisters rule!)

She very poor thing lor, it rained midday and the tent was too small, in the end she got ALL wet. Luckily I brought a jacket along if not she'll just look like a dropped-soup-chicken. (Can imagine? Lol~ I always laugh when people say 落汤鸡, cos I will picture it and I will think it's damn funny!!! Okay nvm.)

She was having fun trying on all my helmets (esp the full-faced ones) that day~ Lol. 
She's having her O's now - Good luck Xian! I look forward to the flying colours which will be coming my way! ^.^
And to all of you who are mugging hard (last minute) for your O's, GAMBATTE!!! I give you strength!

Some of the full-faced helmets on display that day:

 I rushed my business namecards especially for the flea okay... But at least that's done. =) 
Want to place orders can send sms to the above number. =)


 And this is my favourite~!
Not cute meh? ^.^ And it's in Pearl Pink okay. Like the Pearl Whites you'd see on select cars, this pink has a slight shimmer to it.

More designs (the full collection) are available on
If you are unsure of the size, let us know. We will bring the different sizes for you to try on upon delivery. ;)


P.s. You can read my motorcycling blog at It compiles all my past (and future) articles about riding, and riding as a female in sunny/wet Singapore~