Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Sisters Go Shopping!!!

 You ready for some serious shopping?

No joke. It's THE day! HK$20,000 spending credit for the girls!!!!!!! Well I suppose they could buy loads of interesting things for themselves...like maybe an iPad, an LV bag...I would get a DSLR camera....

Right right. A GREAT NIGHT OUT. Stick to the theme Silver... 

 So, at 10 in the morning, the girls gathered to get their goodie bag. Inside the goodie bag.....

 I'm sure like me, you only noticed the HK$100 bills right? 
Look up a bit...to the left....

See the VISA card or not? How often do people give you a VISA card with roughly S$3000 credit to spend? I'm not a social escort, nor have I been “包" ed by any rich men, so I never had this kinda luck. The girls were given that Cha-Ching card and had to get an outfit each in 8 hours! Just SWIPE! How cool is that?

The girls, eager to set off! Can you see the gleam in Celeste's eyes? And Nicole eyeing her competitors... Lol~ Ok kidding! These 2 girls are super nice can! They tend to be a bit quiet at first, especially Celeste, but when they warm up to you they are the funniest ever. ^.^ I especially love Nicole's enthusiasm and energy. And Celeste is quietly elegant yet can be too cute and sweet sometimes. One thing's for sure - these 2 are definitely NOT bimbos. ;)

Contestants all dressed in the HK Super Shopper T-shirts!!!!
Go go go!!!!

 This is so cool! It's like they have an entourage just following them going shopping! With Vivien, our 保姆 from HKTB Singapore, Vivian, our facilitator from HKTB Hong Kong, the Singapore cameraman Boon Teo and journalist Wei Ding from Omy (真的是辛苦这两位男生了!), and the HK Camera crew, as well as our competitor South Korea's Fashion TV!

Okay I'll come clean. We were a bit hesitant and skeptical about having the S.Korean camera crew follow us as they could easily be spies. Because South Korea got the same theme as the girls!
Never mind. May the most creative, and BEST team win! Lol. 谁怕谁?!

I have THAT much confidence in Nicole and Celeste okay. ;)

Before I continue further, can you take a closer look at the girls' T-shirts?
Yes THEY CUT THEIR SHIRTS!!!! That's why their shirts look so much nicer than the rest, if you actually bother scrolling up to see. Creative max. If they won't win I don't know who will. ^.^

 The girls' plan was to start from Causeway Bay. First stop - Island Beverly. 
It's a mall with super a lot of local designer goods. Cheap and stylish. Good choice. 
Problem was they took a while before finally managing to get 3 cabs to transport everyone to Causeway Bay. You see, Causeway Bay is in Hong Kong island. And our starting point was from Harbour City, located at Tsim Sha Tsui, which is on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong. Causeway Bay is at the Hong Kong island side, and we encountered several taxi drivers not willing to go to the other side of Hong Kong.

You confused already? Huh? Hong Kong isn't just Hong Kong meh????

You're not the only one. Hong Kong is divided into Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories, and over 200 offshore islands. If you've heard of Lantau, it's part of them. And if you've noticed when travelling to your hotel from the airport by bus, it'll usually take an hour or so. That's because the Hong Kong international airport is in the New Territories and chances are, you're staying in the Kowloon Peninsula. 

Which explains why it's kinda hard to get taxis that wanna get out of Kowloon. 
Wiki to find out more about the Geography of Hong Kong yah? Cos it's really kinda complicated. 

 First stop's a shoe shop. Which girl can resist shoes???

 What they wanted to get? A robe. Their plan was to appear in a robe, as if inside the room preparing for a great night out, before taking th robe off to reveal the amazing outfit later on. Idea~~~~~

 Sisters who discuss and talk go a long way. =DD

 Check THAT out!!!!! Those shoes are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damage? I think about S$300-S$400?
But you really should check out the bling on the shoes man...they are AWESOMELY shiny!!!

Doing their Maths. These 2 girls are great at being cost-effective. 
By that I mean spending minimal and looking maximal.
Still cannot get it? 
Means buy cheap and yet look a million bucks la aiyoh!
Okay Nicole I'm not so sure, (LOL SORRY BABE!!!) but Celeste is great at cheap finds that look AMAYZEEENG~~~

 Happy with their loot! The shop assistants at this shop were kind enough to offer the girls extra carry-bags for all their barangs. I thought that was very helpful of them! You know with shopping, the most leh-cheh thing is always having to carry many shopping bags of different sizes. Dump them all into one single carry-all, and your shopping experience is greatly enhanced. 

 The Pink or the Orange? Choosing Celeste's handbag for the outfit.

"Cash or Credit?"

Tired~~~ But very happy with their purchases!!! 
Look at the amount of things they bought!!!!!

 Me and Rachell were not allowed to talk to the girls AT ALL. 
(Why lidat??? Then we come for what??? <-- That was me grumbling...lol~)
Vivien told us we can go off and do our own thing since we can't do much other than tag along.

So Rachell and I went and did our own shopping. LOL!!! I had a VISA too, but that's my own money... T.T
I also want a sponsored shopping trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought myelf a pair of ORANGE Dr Martens!!!!!

 I bought like 3 other pairs of sneakers too. 
I don't know why, this trip was like a sneaker-shopping trip. I remembered 1 trip to Hong Kong saw me come back with 7 pairs of heels, and another with 5 pairs of flats!

Anyway, I bought this pair for only HK$802, which was only about S$134? It was originally going for HK$899 in the store and I saw it in the department stores for HK$929 or something, but I bought like 3 other pairs right? So I bargained la!

Oh for those who are clueless, Hong Kong is a tax-free country for shoppers. Meaning there is no such thing as VAT or what we Singaporeans know as GST. So shopping in Hong Kong for branded stuff will already save you 7%! Meaning a $1000 LV bag will see you save $70! And you don't have to queue like crazy in the airport for tourist tax refunds. 

Nice. I like.

 Then we went next door to Sogo, and Rachell bought this disgusting box of jelly beans from Jelly Belly!!!!!!

Inside this box there are the normal jelly belly flavours, as well as weird funky-tasting ones. I tried smelling each jelly bean and they all smelt the same from the outside! No I didn't try one, until much later...(tell you in a later post).

I think I can handle Dog Food and Toothpaste, but Booger (Pi sai)???? Erm, sure, we've all tasted it at some point in our lives, especially as kids when after we OPS we somehow tend to be curious and stick that PS into our mouths. Lol~~!!! But er, to taste Booger that's not our own???? *pukes*

And what the hell does a Centipede taste like????

Oh, yes, I think the most disgusting has to be Vomit flavour? Wah..*faints*

Rachell bought this to play a trick on her bf for when they arrived to join us at Causeway Bay, and they dared each other to take the orange one. Whoever suei wuold get the Vomit flavour la. 

Hur hur hur hur hur... BOTH OF THEM GOT VOMIT FLAVOUR!!!! They spat it out after the first bite. LOL!!!!!!

Me? I prefer actual GOOD food....
This caught my eye, just 5 steps away from the Jelly Belly corner..

 Hello~ THIS is THE good stuff la! What Vomit/Rotten Egg flavoured sweets???

 Who can actually resist this???? It's HOKKAIDO Milk pudding leh, not cream or what you know? Just looking at it tells me it's good for my skin. Lol~ Of course I bought this and ate it on the spot.

Rachell? She never fails to want non-mainstream things...hahaha~

 She wanted a "Paris Breast"? "Brest?" WHAHAHAHAHA~~!!!!

 Hong Kong~ Hong Kong~~~ So much to discover, see, do, and eat *chuckles*. I would have incorporated all these nonsense finds into my shopping experience if I were a contestant in the HK Super Shopper. That would have amused the judges. Lol. 

Want to see what the girls bought? I'm curious too. So I went back to the hotel at about 7ish and awaited their arrival...


Till next post, yah? *wink*

That Silver Girl

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