Monday, September 12, 2011

The Final Showdown!

And it's the day of the actual showdown!!!!!!!!!

OMG I'm so excited can!?! I mean, I've been coughing the whole night and waking up for Hui Lao San (Xu Liu Shan 许留山) though I know it's not good for me so I've been feeling groggy the whole night and pretty much the whole time I've been in Hong Kong but I'm so excited for the girls!!!! *gasps for air*

You still following? Yeah I've been sick pretty much the whole time I was in Hong Kong, started from insufficient rest then sore throat then runny nose and now I think it's full-blown Bronchitis. Yucks. Don't like it. Got acquainted with it years ago when I was flying (or was it before), just never thought I'd get it again. It's like you have phlegm and you keep wanting to cough it out but because it's in your windpipe and not in your oesophagus you can't, so all the fluid's just lined along your bronchi.

Anyway, back to the girls, will tell u about my sickness another time if it's still worthy of mention.

Getting ready~~~

Nicole is goddess. The night after we fixed her outfit, it was already 11:30pm.
She still had to DJ at midnight!!! Yes in Hong Kong!!!!
It was a job she took on long before this Super Shopper competition, so she's got to get it done. And let's check her out~~~~

WOO!!!!!! DJ NICOLE C. @ WHY Club!!!!

And after work, she came back to the hotel room and prepared brochures for the judges to aid as presentation material!!!!! She only got 1 hour of sleep in the end! *salute*
Singaporeans...cannot lose means cannot lose. Even if we lose, we have to know that at least we put in our best and didn't let ourselves down. Alright~~~ ;)

Just before lunch, I saw this aircraft carrier just outside the hotel carpark! WHOA~~~

Never seen this before *swakoo*

A quick lunch, bit of camwhoring, and I'm off to the sisters' room again to see if there's anything else I can help with!

They were practicing their catwalk! Eh, this is called "professionalism"!!!

Okok enough already let's rock the party!!!!! 

First, we need to check out the judges. Knowing who's going to judge you sometimes helps you play a better battle...

And the show begins!

Had a tap-dancer do the opening number. I think it's so cool to be able to perform a solo! I haven't ever gotten the chance to do a solo dance before! Kinda nerve-wrecking I think.


Introducing all our 22 contestants!!!

Nicole and Celeste were at the back so can't see. The stage wasn't exactly what you'd call huge, and to have all the contestants up was a bit of a challenge. Nvm, all the better, so the audience will have a bigger surprise later.

Some of the other teams and what they got:

Australia! Special occasion, and they got outfits to wear to their friend's wedding!

Brilliant chance to shop!

India: A Great Night Out.

Japan:  Special Occasion
 - Attending a Birthday Party

Malaysia: Dressing for Business Success
This theme's actually kinda hard for 2 guys to shine!

The Philippines: Gearing up for Outdoors - Safari

Before I show you the girls, you curious how South Korea did? Hey, after all, they sent their media and cameraman to follow the girls on their shopping spree okay? We call it spying. Lol~
So how did they fare in the end?

South Korea~
Eh halfway through they brought their own actress/singer/host to go up and translate for them when they could speak perfect English!!! How is that FAIR huh?
Hmmm...ok lor~~~ *still thinks our girls are the best* 
No I'm not biased. I honestly think so.

Presenting...Team Singapore!!!!!

*screams!* WOOHOO!!!

The girls doing their speech presentation.

To a great night out!

The girls getting interviewed while waiting for the results. Celeste and Nicole caught a lot of media's attention, I observed. Like, really a lot of media from other countries came up to interview them!
They must have done something right~

One picture with the girls before the results are announced! Eh must take now la. If they win later they'll be bombarded and mobbed by more media, I won't have a chance then. Lol~

And the results...?

Need to say one meh?

South Korea won!!!!!

To be brutally honest when they announced it my heart dropped. Like "WAH LAO TAI KO!!!!! NOT FAIR SOMEMORE! THEY BROUGHT THEIR OWN EMCEE ONSTAGE LEH! PLUS THEIR CLOTHES NOT NICE LOR!!!!"

Ok I was being harsh. Maybe they won on presentation cos they had a PROFESSIONAL emcee who kept prompting them to say more about their outfit and saying things like "I heard you girls bought something and something for a reason?" or something along that line.

Creativity and best use of money? No fight. We know who won. Hmmph~ *小气鬼*

Then Celeste and Nicole were like looking down and feeling dejected when Nicole caught one of the judges smiling at her and she wondered why. Wah lao lose already still smile at me. -sian-

Then the second announcment "...AND SINGAPORE!!!!!!!!!"


HAHA! YES WE DID IT!!!!!! Nicole teared immediately, onstage!

It turned out the judges results had a draw, and after further discussion and voting, it was still a draw.
3 rounds of negotiation and discussion and VISA decided to award 2 winners! Thank you VISA for your kind rewards!!!!!!

I suspect the 3 judges standing next to Celeste and Nicole rooted for us, and the other 3 rooted for the other group. *sneaky suspicion*

Of course, it's just my guess. ^.^ Who knows right?

 Interviews again!!!
See? Told you they'd be bombarded. I really didn't get a chance to go anywhere near... -.-"

 And interview for Omy!
If I won 200k (even if it's in HK$) I would be smiling like that too...

Eh...Nicole & Celeste...share leh...give a bit to me and Rachell la. 10k then me and her share? We got help one leh...

How? Consider okay?

 Cannot get a clear shot cos the girls were so so so so hyper-excitable!
Celeste still, Nicole moving.
Nicole still, Celeste laughing. -.-"

 That's Vivian from HKTB (HK), me, Nicole, Celeste, Vivien from HKTB (Singapore), and Wei Ding! Boon Teo the cameraman doesn't want to be in front of the camera so he helped us take pictures.

 Those are the sisters' parents. 

Whoa their mother looks so young can! Tube top leh! Super hip!

I only have one thing for these parents: thumbs up. 
I mean, which parents allow their 19-year-old girl to go to clubs and do something that's completely non-mainstream. Blogging is one thing, acting is one thing, but DJing? It's Singapore, mind you. Plus, female DJs are almost unheard of. To let your daughter go and do something she likes, it's commendable. 

Look at where Nicole is now! Famous worldwide okay? She's now an "International Model DJ", beat that. ^.^
Celeste is doing jewellery design. And I think she'll make a great fashion stylist or designer someday. 
Colourful pair of sisters. I like~

Watch more of how the day went!

After the event we went back to our rooms, got changed, and came down for a post-event celebratory dinner at this Italian joint just downstairs. Such is the beauty of Marco Polo hotel - shopping just downstairs (Take Lift to Level 2 and you'll find yourself inside Lane Crawford. How amazing is that? We don't even have a hotel like that in Singapore!). And should you want food? PLENTY downstairs too at Harbour City! It's joined you see...

 Ok it's joined to Ocean Centre, which is part of Harbour City la (I think). 
They're all joined so it's all very confusing. Lol~

Alright! Peektures with da Seestas~~~~

Don't forget, we've one more pretty babe on this trip with us! - Rachell Tan!!!!
 First proper picture together!

 Her skin's slowly recovering! Team Singapore is a group of 4 beauties okay? *bhb*

Good food, great wine, pretty people in the room...ah~ Life is good. =D

After the celebratory dinner I decided to bring the girls shopping! Yeah I know. It's like 8:30pm already, but I know my fave haunt closes at 12!!!!

More about that in my next post!

3 girls stood there in front of the hotel lobby mirror camwhoring. *tsk tsk tsk*
Where these girls come from huh? They've never seen a mirror or what?

Sorry tourists~ This is what Singaporean BLOGGER CHICKS do!!!! Cos we all think we very chio. 
Hur hur hur~~~

Alright talk to you guys soon!


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