Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Voice to Look Out For - 符杰荣

A friend has released an album!

符杰荣 - 感情事件

恭喜恭喜啦!!!祝你专辑大卖!!!人气极旺!!! Huat ah!!!!!

Some time ago I mentioned a trip to KL to help a friend with his Music Video. Yup, he's the one - Fu Jierong (符杰荣, for those who can't read 繁体).

He was a Primary School teacher who has always loved singing and wanted to be a singer. An accident a few years ago finally made him decide to take action to pursue his dream. He has since stopped teaching in schools (due to, you know, civil servants can't do media things like that), but is now still doing what he does best - teaching as a tutor with his own tuition centre (with students from MANY A-list schools), and singing. =D

认识他也有4到5年了吧?(感觉好像更久)说讲义气,他这个朋友是一定有的。陪我走过了3段没什么完美结局的感情路,杰荣总会在身边为我打气,加油。因为歌唱,我认识了他 (super long story...I may talk about it another time as it concerns someone I don't really fancy talking about). 所以他说要发片,找我作MV女主角,我怎能不答应呢?

Super chui 搭档.
 We only looked the way we did because the flight to KL was at 7? Meaning 5ish in the morning, (I didn't sleep at all) I had to be at the airport. It was excruciating, having to be up and about, WORKING at that hour when I'm supposed to be heading to bed. -.-"

Why am I always getting myself into early morning flights???

 So he's not your idol-ish super handsome singer. But he can sing, and is sincere and genuine, and most of all, PASSIONATE, about singing. Just that alone is enough to make me supportive as a friend. After all, I know what it's like to go for my dreams - not easy. 

Eh he already looks better than he used to, just that the doctor he went to was not as competent as he made himself to be...*tsk* Anyways, more on that another time....

我以为MV Behind-the-Scenes

 Ariel!!!! I mentioned her in my Durian Buffet post. Known her for YEARS!!!!! And she still looks the same. God, you must make sure I look the same, or better, 10 years down the road okay?

 Makeup for my scarred legs.

Do not question the existence of the banana when you see the actual MV. 
Everyone else, other than the director, was wondering about the relevance of the fruit in the bathroom.

This MV was quite racy, and there were some intimate scenes with Jierong which had us super uncomfortable during the shoot, but hey, I'm quite professional okay, and he was too, as there was nothing hard pressed against me throughout the shoot, other than his bony chest which I had to lie on. Lol~

This was the MV for 我以为. You might have heard the song on radio 933...the song's super catchy. I heard it once and immediately I knew how to sing the song.


空荡的房间  弥漫的气味
昨日的缠绵  现在只剩思念

心里的抱歉  希望你能听见
所有的亏欠   都留给时间

爱情的标签  总有时限

我以为  牵着手  就能到永远
童话里  的故事  不都有完美结尾?

相信我  从没有  真正放弃过
怪自己懦弱  从没说

你是我心里  所有

桃李MV Behind-the-Scenes

杰荣一路走来不容易,经过一次恐怖的车祸(那时他真的包倒好像木乃伊一样,头都差点撞坏了),他决定了要圆当歌手的这个梦,发了自己的专辑。 之后,还得扛着之前跟错公司的包袱,好不容易才让CD-Rama肯售卖他的专辑。

Let's help vote him into Yes 93.3fm's Top 20. Get your iWeekly and find the voting coupon, write down 符杰荣 - 我以为 as the song you wish to nominate, and mail it to Yes 93.3. Voting is only counted if the votes reach 933 between Mondays to Thursdays. Votes that arrive after that will be forfeited. 

Let's hope he makes it into Top 20, so that the music industry will notice this singer-teacher who dared to dream. 

I can't show the MVs yet as Taiwan as exclusive 全球首播. 
Want to hear his songs? Click here. ;)

If you like his songs, remember to vote for him yah? 
I thank you on his behalf. =)

And yes, his album has been released on the 1st September, and is available at all CD-Rama outlets! Support!

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