Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pictures from filming - Fashion Show


Finally slept ENOUGH and refreshed. You cannot believe how tired I was the past few days. Every morning it's wake up damn early, go Mediacorp, walk DAMN FAR from Reception to wardrobe unit, take clothes, makeup, hop onto the crew bus, reach SupperClub, shoot, wait, wait, shoot, wait, shoot, shoot, wait, wait, shoot....finish, hop back on the crew bus (by this time it's evening already), head back to Mediacorp, return clothes, walk DAMN FAR from wardrobe unit to Reception (so I can change back my pass), and either spend quite a bit on cab fare (I HATE ending shoots in the evening cos you ALWAYS hit taxi peak hour charges!!!!), or walk DAMN FAR FAR again to hop into a bus and transfer buses twice just to get home.

Usually by the time I reach my room I just collapse on my bed with my makeup and hairsprayed hair and clothes ALL on. Damn gross I know....I think so too. Don't attempt it if you don't want your face to rot. By the time I wake up I'm feeling grossed out but at least I slept, and it's time to remove makeup and shower and stone for a short while and head out. Again. 1 year with Mediacorp and 3 years as a stewardess made me almost forget how normal people with normal day jobs live. Can't imagine myself having a morning to night job... I know I've been lucky and blessed. N I feel for the rest of you who are in the abovementioned plight... 1 tip: Do what you love, and love what you do. It makes toiling worth it. ;)

The following are just pictures from my 3-day shoot at the SupperClub. Do NOT scroll if you cannot stand self-obsession ok?

 That's makeup artist Alvin doing my hair

 This is agah-agah how SupperClub looks like. The thing about SupperClub is that there are NO sofas or couches (except a small area), only oversized beds. Yup you got it. ONLY BEDS....mmmmm~~~~ Try not to hanky-panky too much, unless you're a damn exhibitionist and don't mind ppl staring...

For those who are interested, SupperClub's located at Odeon Towers, 331 North Bridge Road. They do serve dinner, if you're hungry. Call +65 63344080 for enquiries k? Or sms Zach (my friend) at +65 98552826 to receive exclusive invites to the place whenever they have events going on. Mention my name or my blog in your sms. ;)
Here's their Official Website:
or look up Supperclub Singapore in Facebook to keep yourself updated on their events.

HUGE hair. Loads of backcombing were done to achieve this. For those who don't know what back-combing is - take a bunch of hair, and instead if combing it downwards like you would usually do, comb from the ends of your hair towards the roots. Repeatedly. And do the same for the rest of your hair. *horrors* Yes, it's basically tangling the hair to get the effect.

I felt like I got a cabbage on my head. Alvin said the whole lot of us looked like the Simpsons.

The female Simpsons. Putting the whole lot together actually looks kinda corny...

This is the mess on my head. I had to condition my hair thrice, shampoo twice, and condition again before I managed to wash it all off and untangle the mess....

Just me. ^.^ Time to go home!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween last night.
I did. N yup, you know what's on my next entry...


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