Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Miss Qiuting

And I mean it, I do...

Lives may be lost if we do not meet up soon, and we mean it.

Okay, most of you must already be curious about this name which keeps appearing in my shoutbox and whose photos have appeared twice in my blog.

She. Is. My. Best. Friend.

(Ok, I hear protests. ONE of my not-so-many best friends.)

The many faces of Qiuting~

Why Do I Love Her?

She's real (like me)....she's sumpat (like me)...very random (like me)...damn 搞笑 (like me)...cute (like me) and sibei chio (like me too!) Plus she's not afraid to act silly (like me~~~~~) Need I say more?

Yah, erm, okay, for those who are nodding (*stares* why can't you get it???), it's EXTREMELY wonderful when you have a bestie who connects with you on the same frequency, laugh at the same things, speak the same lingo, and basically, understand each other even when the other party is trying to cry and speak at the same time (so it all sounds like muffled hiccups with occasional escaped sounds...)

She writes funny too~ to read her thought-processes~

She's skinny. If my arms are flexible enough they could go round her twice.

If I can just give her 30% of what I have, both of us would look P.e.r.f.e.c.t.

You see, I'm slightly fleshy, she's EXTREMELY skinny. I'm trying to lose a bit of weight. She's trying to gain a bit of weight. So, if I give her just that bit, both of us would be nice n slim~ =D (ok that's not one reason why I love her. -DUH-!!!! Just a short write-up~)

She loves me like I love her. Even though we don't meet up all that often (like what, goes as extreme as once a year???), our love never wanes~ Isn't this what they call true love? ~Sigh~

Best Friends Forever~

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