Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Dance Shoot

I SURVIVED!!!!! To be exact, I think I passed with flying colours~!!! Lol, I managed to learn 3 of the dances by heart during the shoot, and the most difficult one I could manage with a little peeping at the kids. SO HURRAY!!!!

I like the dances and song covers we're doing for this second season of 《Fun学去》. They're more bubbly and fun, less cheena and song (which puts many kids nowadays off). AND the kids are so pro okay...makes me wonder why I wasn't like that when I was 9.

Oh well~ *shrugs, flicks hair, and walks away.....stops, look back* Like it'll make me less Silver Ang~ *turns back, sashays away~~left, right, left right~~*

I gotta prepare to go to work soon. As Wawa Jiejie. So, head to the beach in the afternoon, or down to Orchard Road tonight (we're doing the shoot for the X'mas episode, need the X'mas light-up as background), to catch a glimpse of me at work...

Enjoy your Sunday~ It's meant for family and loved ones bonding, relaxation, and mindless wandering...

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