Sunday, September 13, 2009

Youth Writers Awards Asia 2010

So yeah,the Youth Writers Awards Asia is back for it's 2010 edition.The theme of the competition this time around is “Dare to Dream: Stories of Imagination, Passion and Sporting Excellence". The comp is open to all Asian residents born between 1992-1996.So if you dug your way out of your mother's womb anytime during those years,you're eligible.

As always,everybody enters this kind of comps for it's prizes.Admit it,you wouldn't even lift a goddamn finger if all you get is your name on the website and some pleasantries printed on a piece of fancy paper.This year,the organisers are offering the following incentives for your hard work,besides featuring the top 30 best short stories in a special book commerating the Youth Games which no one really attends.

Top 5 winners who are either:
a) Non-Singapore resident : A 5D/4N all expense-paid trip for 2 (winner + guardian) including return trip + hotel accommodation in Singapore. Also tickets for 2 to attend the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games


b) Singapore resident : A return air trip for 2 (winner + guardian) to a destination in Asia. Also tickets for 2 to attend the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic.

The other 25 selected entries for publication will receive a Reader's Digest book.

Ignore the subtle racism.Though the comp is called the Youth Writers Awards "Asia",our neighbours down south get extra stuff and probably bonus points from the judges just by adding Singapore under their nationality.You can't blame those kiasu buggers.Malays and Indians only make up less than 10% of their total population.

Since this comp is partly organised by Reader's Digest,a magazine known for it's sappy articles of hope and all that Hallmark crap,participants must write a "short story(fictional or non-fictional) in English describing the nature of individual love and passion for sport(s) including values such as friendship, the will to go the extra mile, honesty, fair play, hard work, respect for everyone regardless of differences etc. They can share their dreams, true feelings, joys, frustrations or special memories they may have about sports through the medium of the short story."

The above was lifted off the website,mkay?

If in any possibility you're still interested,deadline's 31 October 2009.The short stories should be between 500 and 800 words, double line spaced in digital or word processed copy and be legible and written in English. All entries must include complete identifying information from the Official Entry Form (photocopies are allowed). You can submit it online at the website( or by snail mail to:

Youth Writers Awards Asia 2010
Reader's Digest ASIA Pte Ltd (RDA)
10 Eunos Road #07-02A
Singapore Post Centre
Singapore 408600
(Attention to: Ms Karen Chan)

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