Monday, September 21, 2009

Hari Raya Buffet Lunch At Corus Hotel:Review

Despite my constant reminders of our race,the mum's decided to celebrate Hari Raya.And she's dragged the family along with her.Earlier today,she booked a table for four at the lobby restaurant of The Corus Hotel for a Hari Raya buffet lunch.In the spirit of this holiday which we do not celebrate(and some syok sendiri-ness),here's a quick review of the spread.

But first of all,the judging criteria.The maximum points are 10,divided into 4 groups of 2.5 points.The groups consist of chicken and fish,beverage,dessert and soup.The food would be judged based on availability and taste.

Oh by the way,Corus Hotel gets a bonus 1 point simply for having fat chefs.Fat chefs are good.They show that they enjoy food and eat them.I don't trust skinny chefs.

#1.Chicken and Fish Test

Availability-Okay so all the typical Malay fare mainstays are here.There's Ayam Kapitan,Rendang Tok and Ayam Tandoori.But only 1 fish dish?!I kid you not.There was no other dish that consisted of the animal.What's the matter?Are the chefs allergic?

Taste-Ayam Kapitan taste just like any other curry chicken out there.There's nothing unique about it.In fact,it is bland.It was as if the chefs just cooked the chicken and dumped it into pre-bought gravy.The rendang was pretty good,not too salty.Ayam Tandoori was the worst of the lot.Not much meat,and goddamn was it hard to slice.Thus,the loud clanking of knife and plate emanating from our table.As for the fish,what it lacked in variety made up for in quality.So far,my favourite spot to collect food from.

#2.Drinks Test

Availability-Other than the complicated to use coffee machine tucked at the corner of the table,the usual suspects are all present.There's the teh tarik,tea and the aforementioned coffee,although it does come in 6 forms.Had my sister not proclaimed it,I wouldn't have noticed that there was no juice,air sirap or air bandung.

Taste-Like what you expect.

Score-1 for no air bandung
#3.Desserts test

Availability-Cakes,scones,ice cream,rolls.I look around,I look around but there's not a single kuih in sight.C'mon,it's Hari Raya damnit!Ooh,an ice kacang machine.And...and...tau fu fah!I forgive you Corus Hotel.

Taste-Tau Fu Fah is the king of all desserts.You can take that to the bank.


#4.Soup Test

Availability-Here's where the hotel gets it right in terms of the holiday.There's ample amounts of curry laksa and even miso soup.Shame about the absence of bubur lambuk though.

Taste-I think I'm the only person who cares for curry laksa.Because the condiment bowls and soup ladle were untouched.It's the diners' loss for missing out on one of the best laksa I've tasted in a while.Thank god my granma is computer illiterate,coz I'm going to say that it is better than hers.


Which brings a total score of 7.5-So is it worth checking out?Only if you're a fan of laksa.

In a totally unrelated topic,I tested my Pentax Optio M30 after the meal.Since I am a fan of Chinese temples,I decided to visit the one just opposite the hotel.
If there ever was a bad time to not understand the Chinese language,this is one of them.I was the only English-speaking person there.The rest obviously had Mandarin as their mother tongue.Therefore,I couldn't get them to tell me what the name of the temple was.My inability also diminished my wish to pray,as I've forgotten the correct steps.
I was trying to be artistic and deep in the above and below photos.And I failed epicly.I can't take good photos to save myself.I have no idea how to use different flash or positions for different situations.So all you get here are pics taken with soft flash.

My best so far,which is not saying much.The colour's off,and the angle ain't that clever.I realised later that I should have taken it closer to the first figure's face,getting rid of the row above.

Key donators to the temple get their names placed on these tiny figures which are displayed on the cylinder thingies bordering the deity in the pic above this one.I donated RM2.Don't judge me.

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