Friday, September 11, 2009

A Street Fighter 4 In Street Fighter 3 Clothing

So yeah,I know I am supposed to be studying as my SPM trials are currently ongoing at school.But I just could not resist the temptation to log onto the Internet with the blasted computer staring at me in my room.Good thing too,or I would have missed out on these gems online.

First things first,I am a gamer.I neither am ashamed to be one,nor would ever stop being one.I started on this hobby when I got hooked to playing Snake on the old black-and-white Nokia phones,and have never looked back since.Nowadays,it isn't surprising to find me playing games,PS2 or even Flash,during my free time.And one of my favourite franchises is Street Fighter.

While trolling Gameaxis recently,I came across this little post that caught my eye.An ardent fan going by the username of steamboy 33 created 2D sprite versions of Street Fighter 4 characters battling it out on the arenas of Street Fighter 3.And what a job he did.Even if you're not a fan,surely you could appreciate the beautiful "handpainted" backdrops and the brilliant details done on the sprites.

Below are the work that steamboy 33 has finished,with more to come.

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