Friday, August 7, 2009

The Tao of Algorithm March

Yes,you've read the title right.The Algorithm March is not just some silly dance sequence that you perform when you're bored or fooling around with friends.No,it is DEEP and full of MEANING.And it imparts valuable advice that can be applied to your life!All in one catchy song!Unconvinced?Read on for the explanation,step by step!I'm such a nice guy.

Take one step forward and reach forward

Ippo susande maenarae

The song gets straight to the point,hammering home the fact that you will achieve nothing if you do not just take a step forward and reach for your goals.Everybody has ambition,but not everybody can fulfil them.And why is that?Because people are too afraid to take the initiative.In school,we've always been spoonfed by the teachers and our increasingly overprotective parents.Individualism is frowned upon and you can even get arrested for it as proven by any member of the Opposition.However,you are suddenly thrust to your own means after you leave school."Be Independent!" the adults say,but unfortunately that's all they say to you.And so you live the rest of your life with that nagging pain on your shoulders.What is it called?


Take one step forward and you're a better person

Ippo susande eraihito

You'd be surprised by what you can achieve when you take that initiative.Want to ask your crush to the prom?Have that dance?Share a ride home?Sneak into the bushes?To quote a very wise man,"Just Do It!".But don't blame me for what happens after you snuck into those bushes.

Turn around and bow to the person
Hikkurikaete pekorinko

Survival of the fittest.It's a dog eat dog world out there.No matter how good you are,there's always someone better than you.And once you've admitted defeat after foolishly challenging that fact,what should you do?You pay your respect!Respect for one's superiors shows character,a key quality sought after by employers.So swallow that pride and bow.
Walk sideways and look around
Yoko ni aruite kyorokyoro
Sometimes,we take too many steps forward.And more often than not,we lose track of our past,who we are.Therefore,it is important to walk sideways to reflect upon your past,all the good times and bad times too.Analyse your mistakes,and rectify them.If you have none,improve upon your achievements.Success is a journey,not a destination.We must always keep moving.At the same time,look around for more opportunities.And once you've found said opportunities,you grab them and milk them for all it's worth.
Wait a little here and do a wide swim
Chotto kokorade hiraoyogi
Ah,but how do you grab those opportunities?Don't forget,there are other fish in the sea,and they all want their prey.There's only one thing to do to counter your competitors.Swim.And don't just swim.Swim wide and fast.
Kneel for a bit and pick up a chestnut
Chotto shagande kurihiroi
Some opportunities are obvious and clear and you do not have to look far and wide to find them.However,so does everyone else.Although it is important to grab every opportunity,sometimes we should tackle those that the others avoid,the ones that are small.There are no such things as small opportunities.They may be tiny and are like finding a needle in a haystack,but they are there.So kneel for a bit and pick them up.Who knows?You might find one with potential to grow.
We'll put air in it.Woosh woosh!
Kuuki iremasu shuu shuu
When you found a gem that noone else knows about,you blow air into it and make it noticeable.Thus,those who had brushed it off earlier would slap their puny heads with regret and agony,which would further enchance your confidence.Technically,you cannot blow air into a gem,but Confucious enjoys using metaphors and in the spirit of this blog post so should I.
The air is inside pyuu pyuu!
Kuuki ga haitte pyuu pyuu
Congratulations!Your tiny gem has grown into a huge ass diamond,bringing with it wealth and prosperity!And it all started from one step forward.The mind boggles.

So grasshopper,you have succeeded in mastering the art of the Algorithm March.But do not think it is over yet.Others might have heard of this little phenomenon,and are busy practising it right this moment!Do not relinquish your lead!Keep doing the march again and again.And if you managed to get your friends to join in the line,all the better.Not only is it more fun,you can share your embarassment with them!If you are new to this,do it now!The question isn't "Why should I?".It is "Why shouldn't you?"

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