Thursday, June 23, 2011

Clearing the Weed

I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!

2 weeks in Cambodia and 1 week in Vietnam, and now I'm back home, black from the sun. It was 41 degrees celcius in Hanoi today, did you know that? And when you're doing a shoot in these countries, it means you'll have to be in the sun. A lot. And despite the Nivea Extra Whitening Inner Cell Repair Body Milk and Neutrogena Sunscreen (SPF50) ON TOP OF THAT, and hiding under a scarf and a hat whenever I could, I still came back at least 3 shades darker. Bummer.

Oh well, I'm back to report that I am back (DUH~!) and that I am safe, except for the skin cells. And yes, to clear some weed from the blog (Yes my blog 生草 already, I can see that...) It's been a week since you last heard from me...long time isn't it? Feels long...considering the fact that I haven't really blogged much for the past 3 weeks. I've yet to sort out my photos and luggage. Will update AS SOON AS I CAN (with pictures!), so check back tomorrow or something okay? Or look out for my tweets. I usually do a shoutout after I blog. ;)

Just wanted to say I miss you guys, I miss the writing, got tonnes to write about dating as far back as my Hong Kong trip to other mixed emotions I've experienced these last few days.

And oh, today's the last day for submission of your entries to the Transformers movie ticket contest. Have received SO MANY entries I'm having a blast just reading through them. You submitted yours yet? ;)

Talk to you a bit later! MUAX!!!!!


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