Friday, June 24, 2011

25th June 2011

I've been spending the whole morning trying to arrange my pictures. You see, with shoots, chances are I will be shot anytime, so holding a camera trying to snap at surroundings which intrigue me can be tricky. Some were taken with my camera whenever I can, the others, with the phone. Geez... So putting them altogether, and trying to make sure the orientation's right, can take a while. Aiyah all those of you who blog knows what the hell I'm talking about.

First and foremost, today is my mum's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY!!!! You're forever 30 in my heart~ ;) I'll see you for your birthday dinner party tonight!

Secondly, today is Social Media Day at SCAPE!!!! I'm thinking if I should head down for a short while, because at 4pm I've to go meet my 'stylists' who are dressing me up for Pradhana Vizha, which takes place TOMORROW EVENING!!!!!!! How not to panic you tell me? You tell me la! I just got back like 2 days ago and I haven't got anything to wear. Cham...

Anyways, if you are to be lucky to catch me at SCAPE later, congrats okay. Chances are I'm just going to be there for less than half an hour. =P Then I'll need to go get my costume ready for tomorrow night, THEN I have to rush to my Mum's birthday dinner party. See? Am I busy or what?

At the same time I'm being frantic about having to put up a post because I did promise u one yesterday but I was so busy running around I didn't have time to. My bike battery dried up just as I needed it, together with changing the engine oil and making sure other things aren't dying on me. So I had to fix it up yesterday, and that took me the whole afternoon. And a load of other stuff I can't remember.

What exactly happened yesterday??? Geez...everything seems to be a blur.

Ah, and I've to pick my Transformers tickets winners today! Thanks for all the entries! I'm gonna go have fun reading all of them like, now.

I know this is abrupt, but talk to you later, or tomorrow, okay? Though I've a photoshoot tomorrow so that might mean I won't be available. Wah help....

Okok gotta run. See ya at SCAPE! (If I'm there!)

Love loads,

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