Monday, May 16, 2011

Of Annoying Sms Texts

Don't be mistaken. I haven't been getting hate SMSes that inspired this post. This is random, sparked off by a few keywords in certain received SMSes.

Have you ever looked at a message sent to you be a friend, only to cringe or be put off, simply because the friend uses words like "Hehe" in every other sentence? I used to have a certain ex-boyfriend who loved starting and ending SMSes with "Hehe" or "Haha", or worse, "Heh". I don't know about you, but it irritated the hell outta me. Eh come on, I'm sure not everything was THAT funny. Plus "Heh" sounds like a perverted uncle.

Every time I read messages sent to me with these annoying cringe-inducing keywords I switch off almost immediately, so no matter how sweet or long or important the message may be, the content doesn't get in anymore, and the "Heh" will be ringing in my head. (If it's really that important you shoudn't be "Heh"ing".)
Or the word "aite". What is that??? You mean "alright"? Then freaking spell it la! I'm fine with "k" as a substitute short form for "okay", but "aite"??? Okay maybe it's just me living in the clouds and not being grounded enough to understand what the Gen Y is saying (I'm not THAT old what!!!), but I've most definitely NEVER heard the word being used as extensively by a single person before...

Okay to be sure I got the meaning right, that it's some kinda slang...I googled it. It can't be wiki-ed (well it can, except what came out was abbreviation for some academy and a name for a village), but it can be found in this Urban Dictionary thing:

Huh??? Ebonics? What's that?

Okay, so it's Black language. Honestly, I think people who try to talk like the Blacks come across as hmmm...trying too hard? I mean, if we're playing, like we all meet up and we go "Yoyo!!! Whatsup????" for fun, it's okay. But if you're trying to sound like them? Erm, please, try not to?

Lazy people, or douches...see what kinda impression you give people when you use funny slang words? Don't know what douche means? MY dictionary, it's a device meant for vaginal irrigation...(in other words, a vaginal cleaner) or a jet of water used for any kind of rinsing body parts.

But I'm sure this Urban Dictionary has other ideas... (Eh cool right? Learn new words on Vesak Day~)

They have like hundreds of definitions with regards to the word, and the one that came out tops on the list is this:

So it means a guy, either stupid, brainless, arrogant or in other words just plain not good, who just wants to get into your vagina??? Okay like you guys, I'm learning new words every day...and all these because of a simple SMS that annoyed me. Who said annoyances can't be blessings in disguise?

Okay maybe I'm being such a bitch because I'm having my period, though I'm not known to be cranky during that time of the month. What? I'm female. I have my PMS rights. And I have gone through enough nonsense the previous month to be allowed this privilege. And admit it, you enjoy reading me when I'm in one of these moods because I can be somewhat funny when I'm feeling cranky...

This post is not intended to offend anyone, or hint at anything. It's just me, on my random thoughts. Not because I don't like you or anything. I've been feeling this way about "aite", "hehe", "haha" (when things are not funny), or "heh" since like, forever.

Oh by the way...I cannot stand SMSes that go "How's life?" either. It annoys me to no end, and I can write a 10-page essay about life, in general.

You know, the sort of thing...


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